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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Bass Drops That Rocked Our Socks Off in 2013


After enjoying an explosion of popularity over the past few years, dubstep has now settled into a steadier groove, with a focus on pushing the genre forward and experimenting with new sonic boundaries. Established and up-and-coming producers alike are crafting increasingly complex and energetic drops to keep crowds jumping and heads banging. Twerking and trapping may have stolen the spotlight in 2013, but while many were busy doing handstands against walls in an attempt to get retweeted by Diplo, there were still a stronghold of face-melting bangers being dropped around the globe. Here’s a collection of ten brain-tingling, hair-raising drops from the past year that are fit enough to renew faith in a revolutionary genre that added much fuel to the EDM fire.

“Let it Burn” – Datsik

Some songs are made for holding heart-shaped-hands in the air with your best friends, and some are made for head banging. This one is a chiropractor’s worst nightmare.

“Like This” – Protohype & 12th Planet

This collaboration between two Los Angeles young guns gives London a run for its money. Anyway, the drop goes like this.

“This is Not the End” – Krewella feat. Pegboard Nerds

The combination of emotional lyrics, powerful vocals, and a build-up of epic proportions is a proven success. This one goes the extra step by making an absolute rollercoaster of it.

“Boss Wave” – Xilent

Upon consuming this song, the listener may experience moderate-to-high doses of entertainment and pleasure due to nostalgic videogame sounds.

“Feel Good” – Roksonix

It’s familiar and accessible, yet new and exciting. And yes, the title delivers its promise.

“And It Begins” – 501

A good drop is like an onion; it has layers. A great drop - such as this one, for example - is like a double cheeseburger. It has even better layers.

“Running to the Sea” – Royskopp feat. Susanne Sundfor (Seven Lions Remix)

With a beautiful atmosphere unfolding in the first moments, this tune has a lot going for it. And then a storm comes, and then this one turns to pure magic.

“Do or Die” – Flux Pavilion

In typical Flux Pavilion fashion no expense is spared when it comes to the beat. Then again, if you want something bad enough that’s how it must be done.

“Bounce (Destroid 7)” – Space Laces & Excision

What are we really here for, people? Bass, pure and simple. This song delivers a heavy dose of it a la carte; just to make sure our priorities are straight.

“Try it Out (Try Harder Mix)” – Skrillex & Alvin Risk

The man who made America love the bass drop is back to show everyone how it’s done, and this time he brought label mate Alvin Risk along for the job.