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EDM.com Spotlight

Savoy: Exclusive Interview

“When you have an album that combines elements of easy listening, catchy melodies, and sounds that you rage to at a house party, that’s when you’ve completed the perfect album” - Mike Kelly

Savoy is an electronic trio from Boulder, Colorado, which includes two DJs, Ben Eberdt and Gary Smith, and drummer Mike Kelly. Together, the threesome combine unique funk elements to create a live band atmosphere.

The electronic super group had a busy year full of touring and releasing hit singles off their latest album, Three Against Nature. EDM.com had the opportunity to discuss life on the road and what’s next for Savoy with Mike Kelly.

(EDM.com=EDM.com writer Deanna Krolowitz, Mike=Mike Kelly)

EDM.com: For our readers who are unfamiliar with Savoy, could you explain the group’s style and sound?

Mike: Our style’s pretty diverse. We always strive for something that’s listenable and familiar but also has its surprises. It’s tough sometimes to find that balance between something that you can listen to at home, after work, and something that you would want to party to after work…But it’s definitely something that we strive for as far as mixing traditional, listenable music that you can also get crazy to in a club environment.

EDM.com: How’s the tour been going?

Mike: The tour was successful overall, and the whole point of the tour was to market to the bigger cities, and sometimes that can be risky because you don’t really know what kind of crowd you’re going to get….But all of them were pretty good, and it was cool to see that we got a lot of reach and in electronic music that’s not always easy. A lot of towns that we’ve been to for the first time were sold out...like Milwaukee, which was probably the highlight of the tour.

EDM.com: Where did the three of you meet?

Mike: We met at the University of Colorado. We were in the dorms together, and we actually started like sort of a rock band. As time went on, we started listening to other music, and we saw Daft Punk live at Red Rocks. From there, we knew we really wanted to make people dance and thought this would be the way to do it!

So we kept the live drums, and we started introducing computers and producing our own sound, and it was a bit of a slow process. But we all sort of have a musician-like background, so in a way, we were able to pull it off.  

EDM.com: Your latest release, “I’m In Need,” gives off a hard, dubstep style to it. Would you say this is something you guys, as a group, are shooting for with Self Predator?

Mike: I wouldn’t say that the song defines the album as a whole. It’s definitely the most dubstep and trappy one that we have, but it was kind of anonymous for our fans because that songs been out for a while and we’ve remixed and modernized it and thought it’d be kind of a cool way to thank our fans and hype up the album.

When you have an album that combines elements of easy listening, catchy melodies, and sounds that you can rage to at a house party, that’s when you’ve completed the perfect album, in my opinion.

EDM.com: Preparations for shows/tours?

Mike: There’s a lot of preparation and technical stuff that goes into creating our sets, with making sure they all fit together when performed live. I think part of the artistic challenge is to make something that you know could really flow into another track that you made. Sometimes it’s limiting, but I think it’s important to write a track in the context of its environment. That’s what we’re trying to do to get our songs to flow together a little bit more, so we could do mashups and other things of that matter.

EDM.com: How’s the new album, Self Predator, coming along?

Mike: Right, now we’re just finishing it up, and I mean, we work well under pressure, so we’re just excited to kick it into full throttle. I think it’s gonna be really cool. It’s the most diverse and also the most authentically similar sound that we’ve had, so we’re all excited to release it and go from there!

EDM.com: What’s phase three of the Get Lazer’d tour look like? Any changes?

Mike: We’re thinking about switching up our positions and spreading us [Two DJ’s and Mike] out a little more to get more of the live band look as far as having the keyboard and automation fit as well. We still haven’t nailed it, but that’s one of the concepts that we’re trying to introduce as far as getting that different stage plot. We’ll have more lasers, and we have a big merch booth with a lot of new stuff so that’s pretty exciting for us….It’s definitely going to be the biggest laser show we’ve had!

Look out for Savoy’s upcoming album, Self Predator, which will be released on January 14. In the meantime, grab tickets for the final phase of their Get Lazer’d Tour here.

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