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EDM.com Spotlight

2013 in EDM: A History Lesson

2013 was a memorable year for dance music as a whole. We have put together the most newsworthy stories of 2013 so that you can reminisce on the past year. Whether it was SFX Entertainment increasing its enormous footprint within the industry, or the passing of Paul Bäumer of Bingo Players, this is 2013 in EDM: A History Lesson.

1. Shazam adds 1.5 million tracks from Beatport to database

In February 2013, Shazam and Beatport announced their partnership, adding 1.5 million new tracks to its already 25-million track database.  Beatport CEO Matthew Adell said, "Adding the Beatport catalogue to Shazam's database is a great way for fans of dance music to discover songs that are being played by DJs all over the world," he said. "Our partnership also gives DJs and producers exposure to an enormous audience of potential new fans."

If anything, this partnership proves that EDM continues to grow.

2. Skrillex wins three Grammy awards

Skrillex proved to the world that electronic music is here to stay, as he took home a total of three Grammy awards in February 2013, giving him a total six lifetime awards. The 25-year-old producer won his three respective awards in "Remixed Recording," "Dance Recording," and "Dance/Electronica Album" for his productions from the Bangarang EP.

3. will.i.am rips off Arty & Mat Zo

will.i.am and Chris Brown's "Let's Go" blatantly sampled Arty and Mat Zo's "Rebound" without permission, which resulted in massive backlash from EDM fans. Record label Anjuanabeats took to Twitter to shame will.i.am. In the end, Arty was added to will.i.am's liner notes.


4. Lawsuit against Pasquale Rotella dropped

Yeah, we all remember the lawsuit that would have cost one of our favorite EDM businessmen. Thankfully, the civil suit filed by the Los Angeles Coliseum against Insomniac's Pasquale Rotella was dropped. The original claim accused Rotella and Reza Garami of playing a part in a multi-million dollar kickback scheme with LA Coliseum officials while Electric Daisy Carnival was hosted there.

5. Daft Punk releases "Random Access Memories" album

Returning from quite a long hiatus, the legendary French duo built up an enormous amount of hype to their extremely successful launch of the Random Access Memories album. "Get Lucky" was a tune off the album that has been heard across soundsystems around the world. With plenty of unique collaborations, it's safe to say that the album was quite a success.

6. Justin Bieber storms DJ booth in South Korea

Even every prepubescent girl’s favorite singer, Justin Bieber, is trying to get involved in EDM...but not for the right reasons. As Michael Woods controlled a crowd in a South Korea nightclub, Bieber stormed the DJ booth demanding hip-hop. According to Woods, Bieber took a cheap shot at his tour manager and fled behind his wall of security.

7. SFX Entertainment becomes a player in the EDM market

SFX Entertainment created quite a fuss in 2013, as they acquired a number of EDM-based companies. In addition to their purchase of event organizers ID&T and Made Event, SFX acquired online dance music retailer Beatport earlier this year. Later in the year, it was revealed that Beatport laid off its entire San Francisco engineering team in addition to relieving twenty employees located at their headquarters in Denver, CO.

8. Live Nation purchases 50% of Insomniac Events

A rumor for quite some time, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella confirmed his company's partnership with Live Nation. One source confirmed that Live Nation received a 50% stake in Insomniac for $50 million dollars, giving Live Nation access to the festival brand's growing fan base while providing Insomniac with capital and infrastructure.

9. Electric Zoo Music Festival cancels final day in wake of deaths

After the death of two students at the yearly Electric Zoo Music Festival, promoters canceled the final day of the festival. It was said that both concertgoers passed away due drug overdoses. Four other people were also treated for apparent overdoses at local hospitals while 31 people were arrested for drug-related charges. These unfortunate occurrences thrust EDM into news headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

10. EDC Las Vegas 2013 generated $278 million in revenue for Clark County

Insomniac’s 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas brought in over $278 million to the Clark County economy, according to an economic impact report released by Beacon Economics. A whopping $17.4 million was produced in tax revenue alone for state and local government. Judging by these numbers, it is clear that EDM festivals can do more than simply create a euphoric, happy atmosphere amongst festival-goers -- they can leave an overwhelming impact on the economy as well. It's a win-win situation!

11. First ever TomorrowWorld in the United States

Tomorrowland, the immensely popular Belgian music festival, celebrated its ninth year in 2013. After its parent company, ID&T, was acquired by SFX Entertainment, the influx of cash made it possible to bring the first ever TomorrowWorld to United States soil. The festival took place on an 8,000 acre farm just outside of Atlanta and brought massive names such as Hardwell, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, and so many more.

12. Paul Bäumer of Bingo Players dies of cancer

This might have been the saddest news of the year. Paul Bäumer of the Bingo Players battled cancer since July but unfortunately succumbed on the night of December 17. Creating music under the Bingo Players name since 2006, Bäumer has been and continues to be mourned by friends, family, and fans alike.