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Kaskade Edits Galantis’ “Smile” To Play In His Sets

Kaskade lends big name support to the newly formed Swedish super-pair.

Galantis is gearing up for a breakout year. On their own, Bloodshy, of Miike Snow fame, and Style of Eye have enjoyed prolonged success, and their individual acclaim has reached all-time highs over the course of the past couple years. After over a decade of writing and producing some of pop’s biggest hits alongside partner Avant, including surprises such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” Bloodshy found more public recognition with the indie-tinted sounds of Miike Snow.

Now it appears he’s ready to pair his pop and indie sensibilities with Style of Eye’s electronic prowess. Style of Eye has conquered techno and progressive house over the course of the past few years, even landing a big radio hit in “After Dark,” and isn’t afraid to dip into other styles of electronic music production when it strikes him. It’s no surprise that the two genre-hopping producers would be a perfect pairing to tackle a new project that sounds markedly different from anything they’ve done before. Their first single and only release thus far, “Smile,” is impossible to define with the typical broad-stroke, genre labels – “indie-progressive-house-pop” would come the closest. “Feel-good dance music” suits it better.

Enter Kaskade. In a recent interview with Billboard, Kaskade praises the song, stating, “‘Smile’ is a fantastic track. Rather than remixing it and changing its essence, I wanted to keep all of the things I love about the original and make an edit that would bring my favorite elements to the forefront, and make it work in my sets.”

Do you like the more subtle approach Kaskade took to remixing the original? Let us know in the comments section below. While you’re at it, check out the unexpectedly steamy video for the original song (NSFW):

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