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Weekly Twitter Roundup 001

This Week On Twitter…

It was the week of the Mau5. Between Club Space asking him to come back to Miami, and his album announcement, Deadmau5 definitely had our attention. Also catching our eyes was DJ Snake fending off attacking fans, the Coachella lineup, and Ellie Goulding asking to climb in our suitcase.

1. Club Space asks Deadmau5 to play Miami one more time.

Club Space tweeted (along with Facebooked and Instagrammed) a photo of this letter to Deadmau5, offering to host a free show in Miami if he’d give the city another chance. The Mau5 quickly accepted the invitation.

Click here for more info on what went down.

2. That same day, Deadmau5 announced his new album...

...and then quoted Jay-Z.

3. DJ Snake, Mercer, and Breaux were all on different pages about DJ Snake’s new remix.

The three producers had to publicly handle their disagreement when fans began questioning why DJ Snake’s remix of “Breathe” by Prodigy sounded similar to a Breaux remix from a few months ago. It turns out there was some serious miscommunication about the stems DJ Snake got from Breaux, and Mercer wasn’t thrilled.

Click here for more info on what happened.

4. Coachella released its 2014 lineup

When Coachella announced the lineup for its 2014 festival, Twitter blew up. With big names like Zedd, Ellie Goulding, Martin Garrix, and Skrillex all performing, it is sure to be a blast for EDM fans.

5. Literally everyone not on Holy Ship!! wished they were there.

Apparently it doesn’t matter whom you are, or whom you know, getting onto Holy Ship!! is still most difficult thing you’ll do this year. Ellie Goulding was even willing to sneak on board in a suitcase if it meant she could join in the party.

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