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EDM.com Spotlight

Armin Van Buuren To Take The Ultra Stage Under Gaia Alter-Ego

Prepare for some vintage Armin at Ultra Music Festival!

Trance heads will be ecstatic to learn that megastar Armin Van Buuren plans to play an Ultra set as Gaia, “chocked full of nothing but Trance,” according to Ultra Music Festival’s statement. With Armin experimenting with new styles in recent times, he has chosen the perfect moment to reconnect with the sound that catapulted him to the forefront of electronic music in the first place. If this announcement is any indication, A State of Trance 650 figures to be one for the ages. Check out more of UMF's statement, and get excited:

"AVB will be taking a purist’s approach, as he gears up to deliver a set chocked full of nothing but Trance. From harder-edged tracks, to the most uplifting of sounds, this performance will see the complete arsenal of powerful Trance tracks that have won over the hearts of #Ultranauts across the globe. Be sure not to miss this Ultra Music Festival debut, and experience GAIA during #ASOT650 at #Ultra2014!"

Get familiar with his Gaia alter-ego with the music videos below, and let us know in the comments section how you feel about Armin Van Buuren returning to his roots in what will be his most high-profile set of the year!

[Cover Photo Credit: RUDGR.com]