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Spinnin' Records Asks Google to Pull Down Producers' Twitter Accounts

Spinnin' Records' actions show a flaw in the DMCA

Each week, copyright holders send millions of takedown requests to Google in order to make it harder for the public to find pirated content. This week, Spinnin' Records, one of the largest electronic dance music record labels, has been sending requests to Google in order to have Twitter accounts removed from search. The Twitter accounts requested to be removed included Spinnin' Records' own producers, Afrojack, Vato Gonzalez, and 4 Strings as well as Spinnin's own Twitter account. Spinnin’ Records’ DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests are sent out by Topple Track, who, it turns out, have a habit of targeting perfectly legitimate content on Twitter. Just two days ago, Topple Track sent a takedown notice on behalf of Spinnin’ Records asking Google to censor the label’s own Twitter account.

This mix-up makes it clear that copyright holders don't always check the validity of the requests due to the high number of automated notices. Since Google down-ranks sites based on the number of DMCA requests they receive, this can cause problems for the intended websites. Do you think the copyright holders and DMCA senders should be penalized for their mistakes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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