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Album Review: Savoy – Self Predator

Get ready to prey with Savoy's new album.

Savoy, a trio of Brooklyn-based producers originally hailing from Colorado, released their second studio album, Self Predator, today, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Self Predator, available on the group's website and iTunes, is a 15-track album, loaded with drums and heavy bass lines, dirty synths, and beautiful melodies. The trio, made up of Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt, and Mike Kelly, are well known for their versatility in the studio. All three were trained in either drums or guitar prior to starting Savoy, and you can hear elements of rock in a lot of their tracks. Additionally, like some other live acts such as Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights, Savoy uses a drummer to enhance their live performances.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Savoy noted that while making Self Predator, they were inspired by the French electro/techno sound—especially the live shows of Gesaffelstein and Kavinsky. That inspiration is clearly heard in Self Predator, and Savoy created an extremely diverse album that is full of interesting sounds and beats from start to finish.

I decided to listen to the album while driving, and for anyone who will be downloading it, I would highly recommend giving it a listen in your car. The majority of the album is high-tempo bass music, which I find makes for enjoyable driving music. I started the drive with the “Intro” to the album, and I really got into the French-techno beats of the third track, “Five Stars.” By the sixth track, “Perfect World,” I had to closely monitor my speed because I was so amped up.

Another track that caught my attention and really stuck out on the album was “Back To Life,” which I would describe as upbeat electro-funk. The twelfth track on Self Predator is “So Bad” with Bright Lights, which is a beautiful electro track that was originally released on Savoy’s Supertrail EP last year.

One of my favorite examples of the French-electro and techno sound that transpired on the album comes towards the end, with the tracks “Guesswork” and “Prey for New York,” which are the 13th and 14th tracks on the album. In “Guesswork,” you hear a fat electro bass line with a siren overlaying most of the second half of the track. “Prey for New York” begins with a catchy synth and quickly dives into a techno beat that carries your attention for the rest of the track.

Overall, I would say that Self Predator is one of the most diverse and sonically unique bass music albums I’ve heard in quite some time. I knew I was excited to hear what they had been working on, but I was completely blown away with Savoy’s work on this album. Even if bass music isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, give this album a shot; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

Savoy starts their new Get Lazer’d Tour to complement the new album later this week, and they’ll be stopping in 23 different cities over the first five weeks of the tour. Be sure to check them out if they’re making a stop in your city, as the music and brand new lasers are such to make for a great night! For more information on the Get Lazer’d Tour and Self Predator, visit savoyband.com.

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