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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch the Official Video for Diplo's "Revolution" (Ft. Faustix, ImanoS and Kai)

Stream the official music video below! It's a Revolution!

Towards the end of 2013, dance fans discovered a new anthem to "express themselves" to. Diplo teamed up with various artists such as ImanoS, Faustix, Riff Raff, Travis Porter and more to create an EP titled RevolutionThe EP was a chance for the producer to broaden his boundaries with various up-and-coming DJs and producers, and in turn, create something that would indeed spark a revolution. Diplo did just that, as the EP reached #1 on iTunes in just one day. Fans went absolutely berserk, as "Revolution" became the new, hit anthem of the electronic scene.  

Since the release, discussion about an official music video was kept on the down low. However, Revolt TV shared an exclusive announcement, from Diplo himself, regarding the official premiere for the music video "Revolution" (Ft. Faustix, ImanoS & Kai). Watch and enjoy the world premiere below.

The video is something you definitely want to watch more than once. Before watching, I had a feeling the video would present some sort of daily struggle or goal-oriented vision as the underlying theme. For many fans, just hearing the song itself evokes an emotional response.

Finally developed into video form, the passion ingrained in the song comes to the forefront, and personally, serves as a constant reminder for me to keep pushing forward and always strive to get after what I want out of life.

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