EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Brazzabelle's Tips for Aspiring Producers

Brazzabelle shares her tips for producers along with a brand new remix!

After closing out an incredible 2013 by performing at LED OMFG! NYE in San Diego, reaching over 40,000 Facebook fans, and becoming a Savior of Sound for SOL Republic, Brazzabelle is kicking off 2014 with a brand new remix. If you’ve seen the classic 90s movie A Night At The Roxbury, then you have definitely heard Haddaway’s club hit “What Is Love.” Brazzabelle flips the track into a big room festival banger while still retaining its original flare. In addition, we were able to get Brazzabelle to share a list of her own personal tips for up-and-coming producers. Continue reading below to get some fresh insight from the woman herself. 

Haddaway - What Is Love (Brazzabelle Festival Remix) - Free Download

Brazzy’s Up and Coming Producer Tips (Editor's note: Brazzabelle directly wrote all of the below tips for EDM.com, and we have not changed a single word)

1. Do It With Friends

For a long time, I was really concerned with teaching myself and learning everything on my own until one day I learned the magic of working with others. Collabing with other producers even if they are the same level as you is a big help, maybe their strengths lie in engineering and you are more skilled at song writing there is always something to be learned. Also just having a bunch of friends who also produce is a huge plus. I have tons of friends that are all sharing tutorials, cool samples packs, new tricks we learn, or just giving track feedback.

2. Less Can Be More

All you really need to produce a track is a computer, a DAW, and good pair of headphones. I’ve heard many others producers say the same thing and getting over the fact that I didn’t need a big sound proofed studio with a million synths and very expensive speakers to make tracks was really a big realization. Sure all the bells and whistles of a tricked out studio can add to your productions but starting out when you cannot afford all the luxuries you can still make big quality tracks with just the basics.

3. Never Stop Learning

If you want to be a doctor you go to medical school, so why shouldn’t the same apply to being a producer. Now more than ever there are production schools popping up everywhere so if there is an area of weakness in your production take a course or read a tutorial online. But the moment you think you are the best is the moment is the moment you fail. There is ALWAYS more to learn. I’m currently enrolled in a mixing and mastering course at the Garnish Music School.

4. Do You Baby

I think it’s important to be in touch and aware with whats going on in dance music, but at the same time you have to stay true to yourself. To stand out as a producer you need to make tunes that are unique and memorable and stay away from generic EDM cliches and really display your unique style. No matter how many promos you send out if your track doesn’t stand out your e-mail is getting deleted.

Last, but definitely not least, BRAZZABELLE has put together a workout video to help you Ravercise. Grab your glowsticks and start raging!