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Electric Family & Markus Schulz Team Up to Benefit PETA

Benefit PETA with Electric Family's new Markus Schulz bracelet!

Electric Family just announced their new partnership with Markus Schulz, which has resulted in the release of a special new bracelet. Markus Schulz is another addition to Electric Family’s artist series collaboration bracelets. He joins Adventure Club, 3LAU, and Fedde Le Grand as one of the select few to join forces with Electric Family.

When you purchase one of Electric Family’s new Markus Schulz bracelets, all the proceeds will be donated to benefit PETA. 

"While unicorn slaying may be all fun and games, supporting animals in everyday situations is something very important to me," says Markus. "I am teaming up with the folks at Electric Family to sell some custom Markus Schulz bracelets, and all proceeds going towards PETA."

If you are interested in supporting Markus Schulz and PETA, purchase a bracelet at

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