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EDM.com Spotlight

Insomniac Events To Launch "Insomniac Records"

James Egbert will be one of several artists to have releases on Insomniac's new record label

According to Bunny, the Artistic Performance Director for Insomniac Events, the company is set to launch their own record label, Insomnia Records. The news, first reported by Digilove, was announced on an internet radio interview on Tradiov.com’s “The Drop Show” on January 14, 2014. Around the 48-minute mark of the video below, Bunny drops the news that label will be pushing to gain attention for the winners of the Discovery Project from the past several years, including James Egbert.

The idea for the label is “to give the little guy a chance who is producing good stuff,” according to Bunny. Although not much else is known about the label or any potential release dates at this point, expect more information soon from Insomniac Events.

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