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EDM.com Spotlight

Bixel Boys: Exclusive Interview

Learn about the supremely talented Bixel Boys!

Bixel Boys had a huge 2013, which included the release of two massive EPs and a set at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. They have continued their momentum in 2014 with the release of a music video for "Black December," the eponymous track off their Black December EP. The video features highlights of some of the biggest sports moments in recent history.

To celebrate the release of the music video, EDM.com conducted an email interview with Ian MacPherson and Rob May of Bixel Boys. Take a look at what the up-and-coming house producers had to say below! (Editor's note: Bixel Boys management requested the producers' email answers remain unchanged)

(Mike=Mike Walkusky of EDM.com, Ian=Ian MacPherson, Rob=Rob May)

Mike: I know you two are big sports fans. How did you choose all of the different highlights for your "Black December" video? Are they your favorite highlights of all-time? Also, I was glad to see you threw in the Marshawn Lynch "Beast Mode" interview with Gaines Adams (RIP). That was one of my favorite interviews of all-time!

Ian: Ha, they're all really focused on individuals that were or are very much themselves…We love Prime Time Deion Sanders because he's loud, but you know that's the way he naturally is; I think it'd be easier to go with the status quo, but he was one to be himself and it didn't matter what other people thought.

Rob: It's so tough to choose the best of the best. I think we could have probably made 10 videos with all the amazing highlights. God bless YouTube.

Mike: What does your #FREELIFE hashtag mean?

Ian: It means being yourself. The saying originated with our friends in Venice, and we were all wearing Frees and Flyknits and Roshe Runs cuz they were just so comfortable – but it has grown into a more overarching idea of being comfortable yourself no matter what, social norms and genres don't dictate what you're about . . . only you can.

Rob: I think that sentiment applies to our music creation process as well. #FREELIFE represents, in a way, our attitude towards DJing and producing in the sense that we try to express ourselves honestly at all times.

Mike: How did you two meet?

Ian: One of our mutual friends who is the co-founder of PizzaSlime introduced us, I was DJing alot at the time, and so was Rob, so we decided to join forces and make a Party Voltron named Bixel Boys.

Rob: I think after we met the first time and just chatted about music, we sort of knew that joining forces was the right move to make.

Mike: Your Bring It On EP had a much different sound than your Black December EP. What was your mindset while producing the Bring It On EP vs. your mindset while producing the Black December EP?

Ian: Sleep deprivation played a huge part of Bring It On. I like it because it was dealing with really raw sounds. Black December sounds more polished and clean where Bring It On is really grimy. I love both equally for different reasons; Black December to me is much more natural sounding with lots of sweeps and peaks and valleys…Bring It On is a lumbering marching band with chaos everywhere.

Rob: Bring It On was sort of the “release” from the very long and grueling process of creating Black December. Bring It On was a play back into the fun and spontaneous side of us. Black December felt more like a series of very calculated moves. Black December was us IN the game. Bring It On was us cheering from the sidelines.

Mike: What were your biggest moments of 2013?

Ian: I might have gotten overly hyped up at SnowGlobe and stood on the guard rail while being held up by ravers. I made a game-winning shot in middle school YMCA basketball, which was damn near top life moments for me…But SnowGlobe came awful close to topping it.

Rob: SnowGlobe was a big one for sure. The one that sticks out for me was the Brooklyn Rooftop set in Mexico City where we basically played an hour long hip-hop set that got a little out of hand (in a good way). Having “Black December” played by Fedde Le Grand was definitely another huge moment for us.

Mike: Who do you two want to collaborate with?

Ian: Motez, Tchami, What So Not, Just Blaze, Carnage, Gregor Salto, Janet Jackson, Nas, and Seal.

Rob: Jimmy Edgar, TEED, DJ Shadow, Plump DJs, Moby, KiNK. Damn, could you imagine a Janet Jackson/Bixel Boys collab?!?

Mike: "Waterfalls" by TLC was the last throwback track you remixed. What's the next throwback track you guys plan on remixing?

Ian: Oof thats tuff. We have some edits/remixes that we've been only playing out, but I like leaving them as a surprise…You'll know soon enough tho.

Rob: I'll give a hint: "Motown." Let your imaginations go crazy.

Mike: I know you two listen to a wide variety of music. Who are your favorite artists?

Ian: Right now….Drake and ummmmm….things that sound like Drake.

Rob: 311, The Prodigy, Journey (don't hate), Pink Floyd, Jurassic 5, Deltron 3030, Beastie Boys, MJ, Faure, Schubert, Yoko Kanno. To name a few.

Mike: What are some interesting things the world should know about the Bixel Boys?

Ian: I have a cupcake tattooed on my elbow, and Rob is single and has perfect hair.

Rob: Ian snores, and I sleep like Dracula.

Mike: What are your plans for 2014?

Ian: Less sleep and more tunes.

Rob: More sleep and more tunes #teamcozy2014

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