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Carnage Escorted Off Stage for Playing Past Curfew [Not Arrested]

Last night, Carnage took the stage to play what should have been a normal set at the Pompano Beach, Florida venue, Club Cinema. The producer known for slaying the decks with massive, festival trap and rocking ASOC t-shirts, ended his night in the hands of local police officers. According to sources, Carnage was asked three times to halt his set, but continued on even after the doors were closed at 2 a.m. 

That's the set of facts we know. Anything beyond that it simply conjecture, but there certainly appears to have been a net positive impact on Carnage, who has received bountiful free publicity out of this debacle. It appears that no significant negative conquences came to the producer at all. On the flip side, it would be very hard to believe that law enforcement would be willingly compliant in a PR stunt - unless of course they were baited into it unknowingly. 

The promotional company behind the venue immediately broke the news to the public via their Twitter, seen below. At this point, the one thing we do know for a fact is that Carnage was held "for a bit" last night, on account of overplaying his set by 45 minutes. Let us know in the comments if you think this was simply a case of Carnage getting caught up in the moment, or something more.

From the looks of his Twitter feed, the Chipotle lover was never arrested. The comments following Carnage's tweets have caused quite the mix up amongst the electronic community, but all of the misunderstandings have been cleared up on account of his most recent tweet, stating, "P.S. i didn't get arrested....lol @ the internet." Judging from his latest Instagram picture, this was a night for the books, whatever the reason may have been.

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