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EDM.com Spotlight

Google Launches Music Timeline and Includes Electronic Dance Music Section

Google recognizes electronic dance music in latest Music Timeline!

Google teamed up with Big Picture and Music Intelligence research groups to produce the company's first ever Music Timeline. What the timeline entails is a selection of music from Google Play Users’ libraries, which are compiled into a colored visualization based on popularity. The timeline (pictured above) then separates these records into various genres of musical interest and creates a sort of historical breakdown of the music industry. One thing to keep in mind is that these featured charts are compiled only from the libraries of Google Play users. Judging from the looks I received when asking my fellow electronic listeners about Google Play, it seems not many are familiar with the music platform.

Why does this matter to us? Well, the individuals involved with the timeline likely do not have an EDM bias, so it makes the timeline an interesting look at electronic music's influence in relation to every other genre. It might not be a fully accurate look at how electronic music has impacted music as a whole, but it is very intriguing. It's also interesting to explore the timeline and see dance music's rise from techno, to house, and overall booming period in 2010. The chart expands when you click on it, and it shows a spider web of techno, house, low-tempo, trap, and so on. Some of dance music's biggest producers such as Pretty Lights, BTKaskade, and Deadmau5 light up the timeline with their successful albums.

It seems Google users do have a sense of musical taste from the looks of the electronic section. However, other music fans and sources, see the timeline as a big "time waster," and overall baffling display of music history, according to an article written in The Guardian. Whatever it may be to you, it's refreshing to at least see dance music taking up some space on Google's latest innovation.  For more information check out the timeline in full screen mode, and explore some musical history.

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