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The M Machine Begins Metropolis Tour and Release New Single

The M Machine releases a new track, "Superflat," to supplement new tour dates

The M Machine is going on tour, and this show is one you don’t want to miss. Starting at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC on January 23, 2014, the trio of San Francisco producers will be embarking on their headlining Metropolis Tour across the United States and Canada. The Metropolis Tour is a live show featuring vocals, mixing, and live visual components.

To supplement their tour, The M Machine has released a new single, “Superflat,” that is out today on Beatport. “Superflat” begins with intriguing but unrecognizable vocals before dropping into a melodic electro house track, with elements of tech house and glitch present throughout.

The Metropolis Tour will be stopping in 10 confirmed cities, with more cities to be announced soon. The M Machine, signed to OWSLA, is known for incorporating stunning visuals on their large, M-shaped LED screen. About two months ago, one member of The M Machine, Andy, wrote a guest column on OWSLA’s blog “The Nest,” where he described the setup for their tour.

In the column, found here, Andy noted that they have created a virtual M that allows them to, “zoom in and out of the visual world displayed on the face of the “M” in real time.” In the video below, Andy created a live video remix for their track “Tiny Anthem” that simulates their live show. Be sure to check out Andy’s guest column on The Nest for a more detailed explanation of the live show for The M Machine.

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