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EDM.com Spotlight

Groove Cruise to Celebrate 10th Anniversary Next Week

Groove Cruise departs from the Port of Miami on January 30

The recently sold out Groove Cruise will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in grand fashion at the end of next week. From January 30 through February 3, the Norwegian Pearl will host the Groove Cruise X (GCX) as it heads out of the Port of Miami. The Groove Cruise has been sailing to the Bahamas since 2005, but they have changed their itinerary for their 10th anniversary. This year, the ship's destination will be Cozumel, Mexico. The reason for the destination change is because the original Groove Cruise in 2004 sailed to Cozumel. Consequently, it is only fitting that the floating EDM fiesta will sail back to its original destination. Furthermore, Groove Cruise has been extended to 96 hours from its usual 72-hour voyage.

Joining the 2,750 revelers on the Norwegian Pearl will be more than 50 of the biggest producers in dance music. Some of the more notable names performing during the cruise are Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Tritonal, Michael Woods, Sultan + Ned Shepard, and John Dahlback. The cruise will be particularly special for Markus, as he will be celebrating his 39th birthday on February 3 with an open to close set.

One of the unique aspects of Groove Cruise is the fact that producers are there to have a great time in the sun. The talented producers are just like the attendees who paid to hear them play–they want to enjoy an amazing cruise. You can grab a drink with your favorite producer at the bar, run into them while eating dinner, or even play some basketball with them. Also, all of the other people on the cruise share a lot of the same interests as you. This makes it easy to bond with others and can potentially lead to the creation of long-lasting friendships. The awesome music combined with the great atmosphere compelled Travel Channel to name Groove Cruise the best place in the world to get your groove on.

The four-day Groove Cruise will have a variety of themes for attendees to enjoy. The themes include: Represent Your City, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superheroes and Vixens, Whatever Floats Your Boat, Fetish Fun Night, a Super Bowl party, and Fantasea. Represent Your City encourages you to wear clothing that symbolizes where you're from. Whatever Floats Your Boat means that you can wear floaties or anything else that your heart desires. Fantasea will include a fantasy world full of unicorns, mermaid, sorcerers, and fairies. I already feel sorry for the unicorns, as the Unicorn Slayer, Markus Schulz, will be playing while the unicorns are frolicking around the ship. Pirates of the Caribbean, Superheroes and Vixens, Fetish Fun Night, and the Super Bowl Party are all self-explanatory.

The Groove Cruise is sure to be an exciting time for everyone involved. If you cannot attend the cruise, don't worry. EDM.com will be on-site and providing you with comprehensive coverage of the cruise!

What do you find to be the most exciting aspect of the Groove Cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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