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EDM.com Spotlight

Above & Beyond's Acoustic Movie Was Worth the Wait

Above & Beyond do not disappoint in their new film.

The Above & Beyond Acoustic Movie is something that can appeal to fans of both electronic and jazz music thanks to the smooth, soulful sound of the trio’s newly redone tracks. In a short 90 minutes, their live performances at London’s Porchester Hall were able to come to life in a way we’ve never seen. With Tony on guitar, Jono on the electric piano, and Paavo switching between the piano and cello, the Above & Beyond Acoustic Movie was flawless. Adding to the experience, were the spot on vocals of Zoe Johnston, Alex Vargas, and Annie Drury, and the perfectly tuned instruments of the 24-piece orchestra, all of which came together perfectly for an unforgettable hour and a half.

While the acoustic songs were the focal point of the movie, the interviews with Above & Beyond that were dispersed throughout the film broke up the performance and gave fans an interesting look into the events that led to the creation of Above & Beyond Acoustic. We got to hear about everything from Paavo’s childhood experience with the cello to how the guys originally came together to remix a track and never imagined they’d begin creating music together.

Towards the end of the movie, Above & Beyond premiered a new song titled “Making Plans” that featured Tony on vocals. Despite the audience’s lack of familiarity with the song, it earned a roaring applause along with a question during the group’s live Google Hangout after the movie. Above & Beyond remained coy about their inspiration to “Making Plans,” but did reveal that it was based off of a picture. Thankfully though, it was confirmed that “Making Plans” will be on Above & Beyond Acoustic, which will be available on January 28th.

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