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Weekly Twitter Roundup 003

This week on Twitter…

…we had a lot of releases. Between Zedd’s new track with Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant, Krewella’s music video for “Human,” and Above & Beyond’s Acoustic Movie premiere, it’s been a good week for new content. To top it off, we got to see Ultra get sassy, and Kaskade announced he’d be making life easier for all of his fans.

1. Ultra teases Phase 2 and sasses Bieber simultaneously

When Ultra Music Festival tweeted out the question, “who do you want to see in Phase 2 of the #Ultra2014 lineup,” they simultaneously mocked Beliebers everywhere. And yes, it was as great as it sounds.

2. Zedd has a new single with Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant

When Zedd tweeted out the unmarked cover for his new single on Tuesday, everyone was guessing what it was for. Luckily, he shared the final design the next day, confirming suspicion that he’d be releasing a new single.

3. Krewella got emotional (kind of)

When Krewella announced their video for “Human,” they showed us their sappy side while still being their typical badass selves. As usual, the language was a bit NSFW, but hey, we like it like that.

4. Kaskade announces he’ll put his entire catalogue on YouTube

There are still very few details, but we do know that Kaskade cares about the quality of music his fans have access too. Here’s to you Kaskade, for making it easier for us to hear your awesome tracks.

5. Above & Beyond live-streamed their acoustic movie

Ok so this one is a bit of a stretch since the tweet only contained a link to the live-stream of the Above & Beyond Acoustic Movie, but it was too good not to mention. If you missed it, then clearly your priorities were not in order at 4pm EST on Friday.

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