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EDM.com Spotlight

Who Is Electric Family? (And Why You Should Care)

Electric Family is out to prove that the love felt at EDM shows can translate outside the festival walls.

Armin Van Buuren. Krewella. Steve Aoki. Adventure Club. Fedde Le Grand. Markus Schulz. Porter Robinson. Martin Solveig. Borgore. A-Trak. Baauer. 3LAU. Nervo. Danny Avila.

I am not simply rattling off superstar producer’s names for my health. This is a list of just some of the big names that have been seen rocking Electric Family bracelets. Yeah, the bracelets, in all their colorful glory, look cool. But more than that, they stand for positive action that is changing the lives of people in need across the globe. For all of the criticism that has been levied at the EDM scene by journalists eager to resort to scare-tactics to gets eyes on their stories, I present to you our shining example of the good that the tenants of peace, love, unity and respect can bring to the world outside our dance floors.

“There is an unmistakable welcoming energy that hits you when you enter the gates of a music festival or show,” said Electric Family cofounder Andrew Nilon. “People go out of their way to improve your experience. This concept is so much bigger than EDM, or even music in general. If this world could find a way to be more understanding and more accepting of everyone, a lot of our problems would vanish. Our ultimate goal for the long term is to translate that welcoming feeling into everyday life so that all people Electric Family comes into contact with experiences a higher quality of life.”

I think we all could agree with that. There’s nothing in the world quite like attending a dance music event, beyond simply the music and special effects. What keeps fans coming back for more is the environment of acceptance, the celebration of individuality, and the unwavering support of total strangers.

“There are very few communities around the world that are as loving and accepting as the EDM community. There is no other genre of music that crosses all racial and cultural borders like electronic dance music. It doesn't matter what you look like, where you are from, how much money you have, or what language you speak, this entire community comes together to listen to great music and enjoy being alive.”

Unfortunately, those same feelings are seldom generated outside the walls of these events – but this small band of friends wants to change that. By harnessing the beautiful feelings generated at EDM events, and channeling them into real, tangible change in the world, we can all return the favor that dance music has paid us.

So who are these people anyways? Well, the Electric Family includes everyone dedicated to aiding the less fortunate. At the beginning, Electric Family was formed by close friends, Steve, Taylor, Drew, Sam, and Matt –dance fans like you or I who realized the potential for good that could come out of people’s love for EDM. It wasn’t always a smashing success, however - the early days were slow, with minimal results. In the first month of work, a full week would go by without an order, but the group persevered and pushed forward, learning how to get the word out about their cause. In time, the pure will paid off, with the group receiving a call out of the blue from none other than Danny Avila.

“He literally looked up our website online after hearing about us from someone,” said cofounder Steve Brudzewski. “He called our phone number and said ‘Hi guys, this is Danny Avila. I want to do a bracelet with you guys for charity.’ That was the moment when I thought this could turn into something massive.”

Another major break came when an enterprising fan made contact with one of the biggest names in music. “We had a fan named Jessica Stadler who loved our brand and bought several bracelets from us,” explains Brudzewski. “She went to a party with Krewella exactly one year ago after Decadence at an apartment, and gave Kris, Jahan, and Yasmine an Electric Family bracelet. I will forever cherish that picture as a major moment for us.”

Riding the momentum, the group released their Adventure Club bracelet, officially endorsed by the duo, with proceeds going to support their charity of choice, F*ck Cancer. Following Adventure Club, other big name producers signed on to support other charities: there was Fedde Le Grand’s World Wildlife Fund, Markus Schulz’s PETA, 3LAU’s Pencils of Promise, and most recently, Krewella’s Dance for Paralysis. Beyond the artist-supported bracelets, Electric Family produces a variety of other colors and designs, with proceeds going towards the Feeding America fund. This charity provides meals for families and children across the United States that are struggling with hunger, a cause that gets less coverage than it should.

Electric Family also offers opportunities for everyone to get involved. Brudzewski explains, “We want to inspire positive action and giving back, and if you join our Street Team we reward you for giving back - with anything from bracelets, clothing, and even a ticket to a local EDM show that is $100 or less.” Sounds like a pretty sweet deal: you feel great helping out those in need, and get a little swag out of it too.

I think that the Electric Family cause will resonate with any dance fan who has felt inspired by attending a festival or live event, and believes that we, as a community, have a responsibility to step up to the plate and help the less fortunate to feel like we do when we step onto the dancefloor. We have a chance to show the world that our community, our cultural movement, extends way beyond just having a good time. Let’s take public misconceptions and blow them out of the water.

Stay tuned to the @ElectricFamily Twitter feed, and show some love for the cause by tossing them a “Like” on their Facebook page, to find out who Electric Family will bring aboard next – it just might be your favorite producer. Of course, for all the info, bracelets, and apparel - including the sweet crewneck sweatshirts featured above - check out their official site: www.ElectricFamily.com.