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6 Trance Producers You Must Listen To

These producers are pushing trance forward!

One of the recurring themes of the trance genre is that people constantly claim it is either “dead” or “dying.” As someone active in the scene—or at least active in producing and DJing within it—I have a hard time believing those claims, simply based on the sheer amount of talent I see on a regular basis. As a result, I compiled a list of some producers whom I believe are going to become the next big names in the genre, producers whom I believe will prove the naysayers wrong.

Ferrin & Morris

This duo, made up of German producers Josh Ferrin and Alan Morris, have been releasing music for the last couple years on their vanity label, Transistic. Although their start has been relatively slow, their productions are not only consistently good, but consistently improving—a rare sight in the music production scene. Alan Morris himself released a couple songs on Sean Tyas’ label Tytanium Recordings, and in fact received remix honors for Tyas’ collaboration with Darren Porter, titled “Nova 7.” With their music now being played on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show and releases already lined up for the beginning of 2014, the stage is set for this duo to take off over the next 11 months.


Americans don’t seem to have much in the way of trance producers. Sean Tyas is American by origin, but he now lives in Switzerland. A couple bigger names, such as Markus Schulz and Gabriel & Dresden, have emigrated here from Europe, but only a few native Americans are still in the country and producing, such as BT, Tritonal, and Shogun. However, there’s a new name coming up from the northwest US—Falcon—and with regular support on A State Of Trance and releases on Daniel Kandi’s Enhanced sub-label Always Alive Recordings, he’s quickly rising to the forefront of the uplifting trance scene. Although his single last year, titled “Hayabusa,” and his collaboration with Suncatcher, titled “Hashtable,” were both the spectacular, melodic sound we’ve come to expect from him, his upcoming collaboration with Redstar sounds even more spectacular. I personally can’t wait to see what his 2014 looks like.

James Dymond

James Dymond has been floating around the production scene for a couple years now, producing remixes for a variety of established artists such as Manuel Le Saux, Talla 2XLC, and more. However, it was his collaboration with Ben Nicky in September of 2012 titled “Refresh” that really soared, landing on numerous “top trance songs of 2012” lists. It’s also a track that is regularly featured in my own weekly music podcast. If he keeps it up, he’ll be one of the biggest up-and-coming producers of 2014.

Kaimo K

This one is a name most people even in the trance scene won’t be terribly familiar with. However, this Estonian producer has been releasing music for over four years now and has found himself a regular on Adrian & Raz’s record label, performing remixes for literally dozens of artists and developing a rather unique style in the process. Though his song with Cate Kanell last year, titled “The Mystery” was quite a banger, in my opinion his crowning achievement was “Machete” out on newly-formed label Edge EDM Records. Its name is no misnomer; the song is crazy enough to slice right through anybody who cares to listen.

Mitchell Claxton

This Canadian producer has the distinction of being one of three artists to have ever released trance music on Monstercat, and currently is Monstercat’s only dedicated trance artist. However, just because he has the word “trance” tacked on before “producer” doesn’t mean his songs are only that. His first release on the label, “Koh Samui,” features hardstyle kicks in several sections. “Fire Vortex,” his second release, has a massive, dirty dubstep breakdown. “Wuxia” has one of the most beautiful intros of any DJ-friendly trance song—or indeed, any trance song—I’ve ever heard. Though he doesn’t release songs too often, that’s not necessarily a bad thing—his mantra definitely appears to be quality over quantity, and it has certainly paid off.

Will Atkinson

With remixes under his belt for the likes of Ferry Corsten and The Thrillseekers along with John O’Callaghan & Full Tilt, not to mention releases on Subculture, Monster Digital, and In Trance We Trust, Will Atkinson proved time and again that he knows how to produce a quality tune. He’s an artist I feature all the time in my weekly music podcast because not only do his productions serve as excellent transitions between progressive, uplifting, and tech trance—yes, all three—but they can fit almost any mood. I said it many times, but in five years, I would be willing to bet that he’ll be a juggernaut himself.


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