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Duck Sauce Reveals Details to Their Debut LP, 'Quack'

Prepare your ears for a thought-provoking album

Four years ago, A-Trak and Armin Van Helden decided to start a fun side project, which we all know as Duck Sauce. Throughout the years, they’ve released huge hits such as the howling “Big Bad Wolf” and Grammy-nominated “Barbra Streisand.” In an interview with Rolling Stone, Duck Sauce has confirmed they are ready to release their debut 12-track LP, Quack, this spring. 

If you know anything about Duck Sauce then you know they have a great sense of humor. They produce fun tracks partnered with some pretty outrageous music videos. Don’t expect their debut LP to be your typical album. Quack is said to be a collection of 12 songs meshed with skits, prank phone calls, radio promos, and nods to hip-hop classics. 

"As a dance act, people expect us to make singles," A-Trak tells Rolling Stone. "We thought it would be cool to make an album, with a listening experience front to back; [a] very visual kind of album." A-Trak goes on to say, "I think we figured out early on that when we really have fun in the studio, when we laugh at our own music, that is usually when something good happens." 

So what can we expect from Duck Sauce’s debut album? Expect something completely different than your average house music. Although the duo might be house music producers, they don’t listen to house music alone. A-Trak and Armin Van Helden both love hip-hop and 80s music videos, which helped influence the sound of Quack. We are very excited to see what Quack has in store. The album is going to be a definite game changer and set the bar high for the rest of the year. 

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