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Weekly Playlist: Dirty Club Dub

Time to get down and dirty with this week's playlist.

Welcome back to another rousing rendition of Weekly Playlist, or as my friend’s have taken to calling it: Ally’s Weekly Badgering For Song Ideas. Clearly they do not appreciate my desire to keep things fresh, which is why it got a little gritty up in this week’s playlist, affectionately titled, “Dirty Club Dub.” (Like what I did there? You know you do.)

This week’s title may hint at a Dubstep laden list, but there’s also a bit of Drum and Bass, Moobahton, and even some grimy House, on there for you. We kick off our descent into the land of hard beats with Luciuz’s “Fall Apart” to get your pulse racing a bit, before being assaulted with the infectious sound of “I’m In Need” courtesy of Savoy and their new album, Self Predator.

Things slow down just a tinge after that as the sway-inducing synth line of “This Place” by Condukta takes over before rolling right into Flux Pavilion’s sometimes panic-inducing-but-in-a-good-way “Gold Love.” Just in case Flux’s track was a bit much for your heartbeat to handle, AFK, Spenca and OmNoms help bring you down just enough with their new track, “Go Go Ratchet.” The track’s drum line pairs up quite well with the beginning of Protohype’s “Say My Name,” and the two combine to craft the perfect lead-in to Krewella’s 150 BPM vampire, “Party Monster.” (You know you liked that one too, just admit it.)

At this point I must remind you not to head-bang too hard as so many in the Krew have been known to do during shows, because if you do, you won’t be able to properly enjoy “Hollow Point” by Datsik and Getter, “Fail” by Naked, or even Synchronice’s “Denouement.” I know it’s tough, but be mindful of your raging throughout the entire playlist so as not to hurt yourself, your house, or really anyone around you. On that note, should you break anything from raging too hard this week, I’m not responsible; make sure your mother knows that.

Until next week, happy head-banging!

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