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Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Boys Noize, and GTA at Pier 94 - Event Review

Electronic fans from all across the tri-state area and beyond flocked to the sold out Pier 94

The Venue:

Upon first arriving at one of NYC’s most hyped up venues known as Pier 94, I was greeted by the usual line of ravers lined up just waiting to get inside. To my surprise, the line moved quicker than expected and the security check was also organized and made the wait as brief as possible.

When I arrived inside the venue, I was greeted by an explosion of pulsating lasers running parallel from the opening doors, all the way to the media pit. Now, this was my second time attending a show at Pier 94, and I remembered the lasers being mind blowing, but tonight, the crew was without a doubt on their laser game!

The venue was set up like a mini-festival, with various merch booths, massive bars providing liquor and beer, and plenty of floor space to fill up hundreds of fans in a manageable manner. Not to mention all the illuminated structures that were spaced out perfectly amongst the venue’s grounds, and an official "TWERK" wall that greeted you at the entrance.

Throughout my night, ribbon dancers, dressed up go-go dancers, and blasts of chilling air waves continued to make my Pier 94 experience truly unforgettable. 

The Headliners:

After exploring the venue, my friends and I made our way to the front of the venue. DJ Snake was first up and left quite an impression on the crowd with his energy right from the beginning. DJ Snake took the stage and an explosion of trap radiated from wall to wall. Fans bombarded the stage as he went from some hip-hop with Kanye West’s “New Slaves,” to his own trap hit, “Turn Down For What.” [WRITER'S NOTE: Let's hope his recent fraud accusations blow over smoothly, on account of me absolutely falling in love with my first DJ Snake experience.]

Next up was Boys Noize. After seeing him at Camp Bisco, I knew I was in for quite a treat. The Berlin-based producer always seems to completely blow away any crowd with his positive vibes and innovative sound. The one moment I truly have embedded in my memory was the crowd going absolutely ballistic as Boys Noize dropped Nirvana’s “Lithium” midway through his set. From that point on, it was a massive set, and the crowd went wild when he dropped "Go Hard" and "Starwin," towards the conclusion of his set. 

Finally, the unstoppable trio took the stage—Major Lazer was the main reason I personally attended the event. I’ve become a long time fan of the trio ever since the first time I saw them in New York City. When going into any Major Lazer event, you have to be ready to dance, have an open mind, and of course, expect to fully interact with Jillionaire, Diplo, and Walshy Fire from start to finish.

At first, the crowd seemed a little timid, but as the energy began to build, everyone started loosening up and the good ol' Major Lazer hits struck a sudden, booty-shaking urge amongst the crowd. The introduction was my personal favorite, as the group played their remix of Rihanna’s “Stay,” and the epic "Get Free," while flags waved in Diplo's hand. Towards the beginning of the set, the crowd had the opportunity to also hear a new release, which is in the embedded YouTube video above. The crowd went nuts when they heard it was Major Lazer's new single, and I am counting down the days until its release.

Major Lazer was a tough act to follow, but GTA took the stage and kept the crowd energized with their moombahton madness. The duo had everyone chanting “GTA Up In The Club,” as the few remaining balloons floated across the crowd from all directions. Midway through the duo's set, however, the crowd seemed to disperse on account of the New Year's Eve celebration in the works, and of course fans feeling physically and emotionally drained from the previous three sets. 

Overall, Pier 94 has become a personal favorite of mine, and the headliners on December 30 put on a truly memorable show. From radiating laser shows to confetti madness, Pier 94 is just made for that underground rave vibe. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be returning to NYC’s Pier 94 countless times in 2014!

Above Photo Credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography 

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