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Avicii Previews "Dreaming Of Me" Collaboration with Audra Mae

Preview blissful vocals and electronic perfection in Avicii's latest collaboration.

After Avicii's performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, it was clear that the producer was headed in an entirely different direction in terms of creating new music. Fans and non-listeners of dance music began to take an interest in the Swedish producer when his album True was released. While going for a more folk-like sound along with utilizing lots of vocals, Avicii attracted a huge following with his innovative sound on True.

Judging from the teaser of his latest gem titled "Dreaming Of Me," 2014 seems to be a continuation of Avicii's experimenting. The teaser featured below was also previewed in episode 19 of the the latest LE7ELS podcast

The song begins with electro synths that build into bone-chilling, melodic vocals provided by Audra Mae. As the song continues, it builds into a straight house banger with just the right amount of vocals to keep fans hooked from beginning to end. Judging from past creations with this particular singer on singles like "Addicted To You" and "Long Road To Hell," it's no wonder Avicii desired to create another beautiful hit with the talented Audra Mae. After you listen to the teaser, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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