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EDM.com Spotlight

Trapped In The 90s Mix Brings Us Back In Time

DJ SOLO Traps Us In The 90s With An Hour-Long Mix

Ever wish you could travel back in time to the 1990s? Admit it, those were simpler times, and the music was great. Well, legendary Chicago-based DJ SOLO has created an hour-long mix of trapped out 90s classics! The mix gives us a blast to the past with a fresh dance spin on some of these 90’s classics.

DJ SOLO is well known for being a Soundcloud digger, so many of these remixes have come from his research deep into the depths of the SoundCloud world. The “Trapped In The 90s” mix is packed with surprises, including remixes and re-edits from DJ SOLO, Flux Pavilion, and TWRK. Some of my favorites from the mix include the “Power Rangers Theme Song” (SAYMYNAME Twerkin Trap Remix), “What Is Love” (Theusplayer x Elim Remix), and the “Rugrats Theme Song” (SAYMYNAME's Festival Lasers Trap Remix). This mix shows you that the current dance music culture has develooped to a point where it can modernize and update any song.

For those of you that will be stuck inside for the next few days due to snowstorms, this mix is sure to provide some entertainment! Check out the mix below and follow this link to see the whole track list.

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