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EDM.com Spotlight

Weekly Playlist: Workout Edition

Hit the gym with this week’s weekly playlist!

With festival season a mere three months away, and the new year just starting, it seems like a good time to get back on that workout grind. But before you hit the gym, it’s important to make sure your phone/iPod/whateverelsemusicisstoredonthesedays is charged and ready to go with the perfect playlist to keep you moving on mile two of that five mile run that sounded a lot better before you got on the treadmill.

Trust me when I say you NEED a good playlist while you’re at the gym. Music is motivation, especially when it has a good beat and the BPM coordinates perfectly with your run/lift/spin speed. But unfortunately for those of us who prefer electronic music, the gym stereo is always set to some Top 40 station or consistently blasting a playlist that sounds like it was made by your 12-year-old, Justin Bieber obsessed, little cousin. *shivers from the thought*

But never fear! Instead of having to pass on today’s workout, you can just check out my “Twerk-It-Out” playlist, conveniently located below and on SoundCloud. The playlist consists of high-energy tracks from Diplo, Krewella, Bingo Players, Steve Aoki and more, all of which are sure to get you pumped as your pumping iron.

While playing “Twerk-It-Out” at a high volume might get you some stares from the older generation, don’t let them stand between you and a pleasant hour of sweat-soaked, grunt-filled, physical fitness.

Just the other day I had a woman at the gym comment on the music she heard coming from my headphones as they slipped out of my ears while I was benching. She had been sitting at an arm machine right next to my bench and said, “That music is atrocious. You kids don’t know what real music is.” Mind you, I was on my third set, so it took me a moment to register what she had even said, but once I did, I responded.

“Actually, Zedd is one of the top producers right now, and he just released a stripped down acoustic album, and Skrillex was actually in a hardcore band before he became a producer.” By then, I had sat up on my bench to find the woman glaring at me and frowning. “They can all play ‘real’ instruments. They just also happen to be good with computers and complicated music programs.”

Needless to say, the woman was less-than-thrilled with my response to her comment, and without saying another word, she got up, walked across the gym, and picked a machine so her back was to me. But I didn’t let the altercation get in the way of my workout. Instead I popped my headphones back in, turned up the volume on Steve Aoki’s “Phat Brahms,” and cranked out another two sets on the bench press before hopping on an elliptical.

Along with Zedd and Skrillex, you’ll find Bassnectar and Laidback Luke, along with EDM.com founding artists Zomboy and Candyland, making appearances on “Twerk-It-Out.” While none of these tracks are guaranteed to get you festival-ready in just 30 days, they certainly will help remind you why all those hours in the gym are worth it when you’re dancing your face off come Ultra, Mysteryland, and EDC. So get up, put on some sneakers, and twerk yourself to the gym. 2014 has arrived and it is time to get moving on those New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you have a favorite track to listen to while working out? Comment below and let us know why it motivates you!