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DJ Snake Defends Himself Against Fraud Accusations

DJ Snake takes to Twitter to defend his honor

DJ Snake is one of the rising stars in dance music. 2013 was quite the year for him, as he released most trap fans' recent favorite, "Turn Down For What." It's no surprise that the electronic dance community has kept a close eye on his every move. In the past, there's been talk about not only DJ Snake, but various other up-and-coming DJs having a team of ghost producers behind every new release. To me, the term is something that should only be used if there are compelling facts and reasoning behind the accusations. In this day and age, Twitter and Facebook make it easy for fans to drum up baseless rumors. 

To review what has occured in this particular situation, DJ Snake was accused of copying the producer Breaux's original bootleg of "Breathe." After the news was first heard through DoAndroidsDance's original post, the electronic dance music community vociferously took to Twitter and Facebook to question DJ Snake. Approximately four hours after the accusations began, he defended himself via Twitter.

After reading the above tweets, I believe Snake handled the situation in a reasonable manner. However, there should be some explanation as to why exactly the remix was taken down from his SoundCloud page. According to a recent article via Elektrodaily, the re-work was not even supposed to be released via DJ Snake's SoundCloud page. As of now, the issue most people are having—judging from the comments viewed on Twitter and Facebook—is that the original producer, Breaux should have been credited in DJ Snake's remix. 

If fans are still worried, Dillon Francis added his opinion on the situation with a tweet about how he's been in the studio with DJ Snake before, and he "doesn't have any ghost producers." 

For now, we can only watch and see what happens next and discuss our thoughts as a community. Comment below with your opinon on the situation, and let us know if you think DJ Snake owes more of an explanation. 

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