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Discover Diplo's Influences in his interview with Nardwuar

Vancouver's "Human Serviette," Nardwuar, talks Miami basics and throwback records with Diplo

In late December, Diplo played at Contact Winter Festival in Vancouver. I Am OTHER's Nardwuar had the chance to interview the Mad Decent producer, and they discussed his musical background as well as remind Diplo of his Miami roots. Nardwuar broght his usual energy to the interview, which gets Diplo hyped to discuss past influences in addition to some rare Major Lazer stories.

Educate yourself with records from Gigolo Tony, DJ Magic Mike, and other Miami-based producers who had a huge impact on Diplo's younger years. The conversation continues as Nardwuar brings up the influence of Miami bass records like Miami Bass Express and Miami Bass Machine, which Diplo refers to as the "original dubstep" of Miami music. Enjoy the interview below. 

Nardwuar and the rest of the crew from I Am OTHER clearly brought out the best in Diplo. This interview reminded us why Diplo is one of dance music's biggest stars. Towards the end of the interview, Diplo's final "Doot Doo" and Nardwuar receiving a twerk session made for one of the more memorable interview sign offs in recent history. 

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