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EDM.com Spotlight

Wolfgang Gartner Hosts Reddit AMA

Wolfgang Gartner took on the tough questions that Reddit had to offer!

Wolfgang Gartner took to Reddit to answer questions from users brave enough to ask the (in)famously outspoken producer.

There were some interesting tidbits from the AMA, with questions ranging from what Gartner thinks of the current Beatport Top 10, to what cat would win in a fight: his or Deadmau5’s.

One of the more interesting answers came when a user, nightowl798, asked Gartner why he isn’t into the party scene while he’s on tour. Gartner stated, “traveling takes so much out of you already, there’s no room for anymore [sic] battering of your immune system.”

There were some unexpected cameos in the AMA as well, as Deadmau5 asked “why don’t you call me anymore?” 3LAU also made an appearance, giving an answer to a user who referred to 3LAU as “a joke” and also stated that he thinks Gartner is “just the man to end that character’s career.” There was some confusion though, as Gartner appeared to agree with the user who made the comment. This warranted a response from 3LAU on his Facebook, citing that he would aim to be better than Gartner. The post was a fraud however, as the user edited his comment to make it look like Gartner had agreed that 3LAU was a joke. After some friendly banter back and forth on Twitter, the two seem to have cleared the air.

It was definitely one of the more interesting AMA’s thanks to some unexpected cameos and great answers from Gartner. Check out the rest of the AMA here and tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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