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Watch Porter Robinson’s 'Worlds' Documentary [Part 1]

One of the most popular tours of 2014 has been Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour. Additionally, the Worlds album has been one of the most discussed albums of the year. Considered by many as one of the most revolutionary electronic albums in this era of “big room house,” Worlds has given music fans an intimate look inside the mind of one of dance music’s most creative producers.  

Today, Robinson released the first episode of his Worlds tour documentary. In this first video, he speaks about what led him to embark on this journey and why he moved away from his old progressive/electro house sound and towards a more organic, natural sound for himself.

If you’ve attended one of the shows on the Worlds tour, you know how personal this tour is to Robinson, as you can see his fingerprints and his creativity on every aspect of the show - the music, the lights, the visual content, and even the audial journey that this tour takes you on. This tour is a live production in every sense of the words, as Robinson explains that his setup enables him to break down the live vocal elements, the drum elements, the lead elements, and the bass elements.

In the first part of this documentary made by Justin Nizer of Eyewax Films, Robinson explains his year of absence from dance music, saying “the reason I wanted to do a live show was to draw a pretty big line in the sand between my old shows and my new ones. The whole reason why I went off tour for a year was so I could come back with a completely new show with only originals.”  

According to Nizer, “the video materials [he’s] creating for this tour are meant to feel like the Worlds album feels when you listen to it.” Sonically, the album feels vast and beautiful, and as you watch the video documentary, you get the same sensation of beauty.

When asked about what it was like to be in the middle of such a vast tour and what it was like to tour with the one and only Porter Robinson, Nizer said, “Touring is actually really exhausting and we're in the thick of it now. We're doing post production on the bus so what you will see in this series is true to the tour and happening in real time. We are watching the genesis of an outstanding live performer who is carving out a new direction in music and it's captivating to watch. The next few episodes are going to be really exciting.”

Check out part 1 of the Worlds documentary below.


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