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8 Mixes For Every EDM Lover's Morning Commute

From deep house to dubstep, 8 mixes to start your day

For the techno junkie: Claude Vonstroke’s Live Closing Set @ Movement 2014

He’s considered a modern day mainstay of the Detroit techno scene, and with good reason too. There’s something about Claude Vonstroke’s funky, sleezy, down and dirty, ghetto-fab sound that just makes you feel like a badass when you’re listening to it on full blast. This set is no exception - it starts off with a suspenseful cinematic build before catapulting you onto a wild and frenetic ride through some of the edgiest, most forward-thinking tunes I’ve heard all year. Some of my favorite highlights include Shiba San’s “Okay,” Jocksten’s driving “Mona” and a remix of Doctor Jeep & Obey City’s “Dem Hoes.” The set gets a little weird at times, but overall it should have you feeling like a boss as you fly down the highway on your way to work.

For the house head: Oscar G’s Made In Miami Mix - October 2013

Despite being a year old, this mix is 57 minutes of pure perfection. It opens up with a remix of Shannon’s 1983 disco classic “Let the Music Play,” and keeps the groove steady the whole way through. In keeping with Oscar G’s style, the mix is full of updated old-school classics, like Mike Dunn’s edit of Dee Jay Alicia’s semi-pornographic ballad, “I Want It Rough,” intermixed with that sexy, earthy tribal house sound that’s become a staple in the Terrace room at Miami’s legendary Club Space. I suggest listening to this one with the windows down and the volume turned up. May the groove be with you.

For the deeper music lover: Baez’s Warm Up Set for Damian Lazarus @ Mansion Miami’s Kontrol

I fell in love with this set by Baez the first time I heard it two years ago. While the famous Kontrol parties at Mansion are no more, Baez is still something of a legend here in Miami; he’s one of the few artists I feel has been able to capture the art of the proper warm up set, and this mix is a perfect example. He puts you in the zone from the very onset with Mario Basanov’s remix of Millok Zigelli’s “Feel Me,” a lusty, heavy tune that sets the perfect stage for the tracks that follow. The mix gets sexier and darker the further in you go; I especially love Daniel Bortz’s “Rescue Me,” HNQO’s “We Do It,” and Doctor Dru’s remix of Robosonic’s “Worst Love.”

For the trap runner: Buku’s Twonk Team Vol. 2 featuring Brillz, Craze, Loudpvck, Milo & Otis and Willjoy

Nowadays, there’s little in the urban sector that isn’t classified as trap. Even straight hip hop and rap gets thrown into the trap bucket, it seems. Bringing together a slew of emerging talent, this set is one of those rare examples that really does tip-toe the line between urban and electronic music. I’m a fan of this mix because it takes a lot of popular tunes, like Eminem’s “Slim Shady” and Diplo’s “Bubble Butt,” and then speeds them up and drives the bass. In a nutshell, it’s a set you can sing along to, but it has enough curveballs to keep things interesting - like Brillz & Teddy’s “Rvchet Bitch”.

For the progressive house fan: Hardwell Live @ Tomorrowland 2014

From its intro to its climatic closing anthem (his remix of Coldplay’s “Sky Full Of Stars”), this set has everything to satisfy your inner house and electro EDM fan. The build-ups are intense, the break-downs are swift and the drops are relentless throughout the entire set. It has some intriguing gems here and there (like Crazylex’s “Hunter”) and some favorites (who doesn’t love “Apollo”?), but overall the set is a pretty epic festival rager, complete with soaring synths, frenetic builds, and euphoric melodies. In essence, it’s the perfect intro to any EDM newbie's main stage dream, and thus a great option for turning up in heavy traffic. I only ask that you refrain from rolling down your windows - some of us outgrew that phase already.

For the trance family: Armin van Buuren Live @ A State of Trance, Ushuaia Ibiza (August 2014)

Of course we chose Armin - there’s no argument here. He is unquestionably the king of trance, and his extended set from this summer’s A State of Trance at Ushuaia combines all the best of genre. The best part is that the mix is designed for the dance floor, which means nothing gets too crazy or too traditional when it comes to BPM. The set, which comes in two parts on Mixcloud, is also about 7 hours long from beginning to end. Road trip anyone?

Armin van Buuren – Live @ A State of Trance, Ushuaia Ibiza (Full Set) – 07-AUG-2014-part 1 by Allegromusic on Mixcloud

Armin van Buuren – Live @ A State of Trance, Ushuaia Ibiza (Full Set) – 07-AUG-2014-part 2 by Allegromusic on Mixcloud

For the beat junkie: Netsky’s Mix for Friction on BBC Radio1

At just under 20 minutes, this mix is perfect for a quick morning commute, and its got enough fast-paced, beat-pumping rhythms to satisfy even the most discriminating drum-n-bass lover. Frenetic from start to finish, the mix takes us through a wide spectrum of moods. We reckon it’ll have you feeling like you’re driving in a video game. Around the twelve minute mark, Netsky drops his beautifully haunting “Love Has Gone," and it sent goosebumps up and down my arms.

For the bass-chasers: Bassnectar’s Immersive Music Mixtapes

Despite what they say about 12th Planet being the “king of bass”, nobody quite compares to Bassnectar’s eclectic style, in my opinion. Throwing down a combination of originals and remixed classics (a bass-heavy remix of “Feeling Good” sets the tone for Side One as the opening track), this two-part mixtape series is a must-listen for anybody who likes forward-thinking bass music that brings all the power and none of the noise.

Written by Amanda Mesa

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