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BitTorrent Is The Music Industry's New Best Friend

BitTorrent is redefining the way we share music

Ever since the fall of Napster in 2002, peer-to-peer file sharing has received critical backlash throughout the digital world. Originally ostracized by artists and labels alike due to their infringements of copyright policies, nearly every massive P2P platform has been forced to develop its service under the radar and secluded from mainstream culture. Although many industry professionals have spoken out against the use of torrents, one file sharing client is shedding a new light on its services, providing an entirely new revenue stream for artists in a previously untapped market.

BitTorrent, one of the most popular peer-2-peer sharing platforms, has effectively relinquished its reputation as a “piracy” platform thanks to its latest media format, the BitTorrent “Bundle.” Initially launched in May of 2013, the BitTorrent “Bundle” allows artists to curate and distribute their content to over 170 million monthly users without having to pay publishing fees or consignment deductions. Artists can provide the content within their bundle for free or exclusively through a “gate," which can serve as anything from an e-mail or unlock code to a pre-determined price or “pay what you want” fee.

Since the launch of the new media format last year, BitTorrent has generated over 100 million “Bundles” for download. Mega-artists of all genres have begun utilizing the platform, from EDM’s Kaskade, Gramatik, Skrillex, and Excision to some of pop and rock’s biggest talent such as Madonna and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Joining this roster of big named talent, one of our favorite artists KDrew has chosen BitTorrent to support the launch of Good Game Records with his latest Signals EP “Bundle.” Featuring 6 exclusive songs, a preview of his upcoming single “Tonight,” videos, art, and more, this bundle gives fans a multimedia package that is unlike any other “EP” package available, and it gives mass content distribution an entirely new meaning.

Thanks to clients like BitTorrent, peer-2-peer file sharing is now moving forward in an incredibly positive direction. The "Bundle" media format has opened up a new stream for artists to directly share their content with their fans, and it has truly pushed the envelope on how we connect with our favorite musicians. With its service now benefitting both itself and the music industry as a whole, BitTorrent is providing a mobility for artists and fans alike that has the potential to redefine the way that we share music.

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