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10 EDM Songs Overplayed By The Radio

The radio serves as the world's greatest tool for spreading music, and with the recent burst of electronic dance music into the mainstream media, the radio has undoubtedly "played out" a plethora of electronic tracks. Electronic artists such as Calvin Harris, Avicii, Tiesto, and more are constantly on many of the major radio stations worldwide, making it virtually impossible to escape these overplayed tracks. The radio has successfully introduced the EDM sub-culture to the world, and has undoubtedly supported the explosion of electronic music. When it comes to being killed by the radio, these 10 tracks truly take home the gold.

10) Hello – Martin Solveig (Feat. Dragonette)

French electro/progressive house producer Martin Solveig has experienced his fair share of his music being killed by the radio. His single “Hello” featuring vocals from Martina Sorbara from Dragonette hit radio stations everywhere in 2011. Deriving from his fifth album Smash, this huge track also took over club dance floors to festival grounds with its unforgettable electro pop melody. “Hello” is a true EDM classic that was unfortunately slaughtered by mainstream radio.

9) Latch – Disclosure (Feat. Sam Smith)

Notably one of EDM’s greatest live bands, UK electronic duo Disclosure hit the worldwide spotlight thanks to their massively popular single "Latch" featuring the vocals of Sam Smith. For nearly the past year, major radio stations have been playing the future garage single from the duo's 2013 album Settle. Just on SoundCloud alone, the track has been played over 26 million times.

8) Rather Be – Clean Bandit (Feat. Jess Glynne)

This electronic track hit the UK long before the U.S. caught on to the catchy beat. UK electronic group Clean Bandit released “Rather Be” in mid-January 2014, only for the song to go mainstream in the months later in the summer. With over 24 million plays on SoundCloud, “Rather Be” featuring Jess Glynne is currently one of the biggest songs of 2014. This upbeat, violin-infused electronic song is played on the radio upwards of ten times a day.

7) If I Lose Myself – OneRepublic (Alesso Remix)

Alesso’s remix of OneRepublic's 2013 original track “If I Lose Myself” was anticipated to be a big hit within mainstream media. As expected, Alesso’s progressive house-influenced remix became a staple of radio stations everywhere, allowing everyday listeners the chance to hear this popular track multiple times a day for several months. This track really stayed around for an extended period of time, marking it was one of the most overkilled EDM songs by the radio of all time.

6) All Of Me – John Legend (Tiesto’s Birthday Treatment Mix)

Another highly anticipated remix to break radio charts worldwide was Tiesto’s remix of the beautiful song “All Of Me” by John Legend. The original already swept radio stations everywhere, so when Tiesto hopped on the bandwagon and released a remix of his own, the song was revitalized with a tepid kick drum and the classic Tiesto progressive house style drop. Tiesto paired his distinct style with Legend’s vocals and harmonious piano melody flawlessly. The radio played “All Of Me” so much that it was literally impossible to turn it on without hearing it.

5) We Found Love – Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

Rihanna has been known to feature her vocals on tracks of various genres from rap to EDM. Electronic music king Calvin Harris successfully brought her vocals to the next level in his iconic progressive house track “We Found Love.” This monumental banger is possibly one of the biggest anthems of 2011 as it highlights Calvin’s striking electro/progressive house style reaching radio stations worldwide. The music video also features an opening narrative from Rihanna that describes the hardships of love and breaking up.

4) Get Lucky - Daft Punk (Feat. Pharrell)

Without question, Guy and Thomas of French electronic duo Daft Punk are two of the worlds most skilled and popular DJ/producers. After releasing revolutionary electronic hits such as “One More Time,” “Technologic,”  “Around The World,” and more, their latest album Random Access Memories proved to turn out another classic from the two. “Get Lucky” features a groovy guitar rhythm by Nile Rodgers and funky vocals from rapper Pharrell. Daft Punk even performed this popular track live at the 2014 Grammy Awards alongside Stevie Wonder.

3) Stereo Love – Edward Maya

Romanian DJ/producer Edward Maya produced one of the first electronic songs to take over the radio, “Stereo Love” featuring Vika Jigulina. This track not only marks one of the biggest EDM tracks to be killed by the radio but also marks the beginning of an era; around the year 2009 is when EDM shifted to mainstream media. I still remember hearing this song for the first time and being captivated by the unique melody and dreamy vocals.

2) Clarity – Zedd (Feat. Foxes)

Zedd is one of the newer DJ/producers on the scene who gained recent popularity through the release of his massive 2012 track “Clarity.” This track features vocals from British singer Foxes and won an award for the Best Dance Recording at the 2013 Grammy Awards. The radio was truly non-stop with this one, as it seemed every radio station played this song once every hour. This electro-house track toppled worldwide charts of all sorts, peaking at number 8 on Billboard’s Top 100 and more.

1) Levels - Avicii

Avicii consistently produces music that generally takes over the mainstream media, however, his initial progressive house track "Levels" genuinely redefines the act of the radio ruining a song. Being released back in 2011, "Levels" is single handedly responsible for the exposure of the Swedish dj/producer. To this day, this track is viewed as the most generic and overkilled EDM song of the decade. For months after its release, this song was everywhere; teenagers blasted it from their cars, clubs played it continuously, and it was so big that Avicii still can't escape the beat. 

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