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EDM.com Spotlight

Dance Music Duo To Donate $25,000+ to Children's Charity

Rob May and Ian MacPherson of the Bixel Boys aren’t just a Los Angeles duo rocking the electronic scene with their big room underground sound. Thanks to their wildly popular #FREELIFE campaign, the duo is now becoming an icon for one of EDM's most trendy philanthropic endeavours. Due to the massive success of their exclusive #FREELIFE jerseys, they have begun to sell them for $35 each. 100% of the proceeds are going to Camp Kesem, which is a non-profit organization that provides a free summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. A growing number of world class producers like Skrillex, Martin Garrix, and Dillon Francis have been seen wearing the jerseys.

The Bixel Boys said, "We wanted to give away some shirts. We didn't wanna sell them. We wanted them to be something special, something earned. We put this thing out and said, 'Send us 150 words about why you think you deserve a #FREELIFE shirt and we'll pick 10 people.' I was expecting to get maybe 20-30 emails... we ended up getting thousands.”

"We didn't think they we’re gonna do well," laughs Rob. "We thought the jerseys were gonna bomb. We thought just we were gonna wear them."

The Bixel Boys decided to team up with Thunderclap and Camp Kesem to bring the #FREELIFE jerseys to everyone for a limited time. To send one child to camp costs about $500, and the goal of the Berkeley Chapter of the charity is $100,000.

The release date of the #FREELIFE jerseys to the public was October 7th, but because there were so many eager supporters ready to buy shirts, PayPal's marketplace actually crashed for a few hours. According to the Bixel Boys manager Will Runzel, it’s estimated that the Bixel Boys' project is going to generate over $25,000 worth of donations for the non-profit. It usually takes up to 20 projects over a year to reach their goal, but thanks to the Bixel Boys, the #FREELIFE Project has put them a third of the way to their final goal. With the money generated thus far, they can send at least 50 kids to camp.

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Written by Harvit Gill

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