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7 DJs Obsessed with Cats

Felines for days!

Cats. Personally, I couldn’t be bothered. However, I am truly understanding of the love – no, obsession – many people have for them, including these seven EDM producers. Some of those listed here have even gone so far as to establish separate social media sites just for the felines, attracting in some cases, tens of thousands of fans.


From the infamous Purrari to his pet, Professor Meowingtons PhD, Deadmau5 knows what it means to love cats. Professor Meowingtons' Instagram has almost 18,000 followers, his Twitter account (with the same handle - @meowingtons_pHd) boasts a whopping 34,500 followers, and he holds a Public Figure page on Facebook that has racked up over 100,000 likes. 

While the original Purrari eventually prompted a cease-and-desist order to be issued from Ferrari, Nissan swooped in to offer the producer a Nyan cat themed GT-R. Even his white McLaren 650S Spider has the pet name of ‘Meowclaren.’ 

Pretty Lights

There is Pretty Lights, and then there are Neko and Minxy, the Scottish Fold cats collectively known as Kitty Lights. Their Instagram, @kitty_lights, has accrued over 43,000 followers who can all die happy after gushing over 1,182 pictures of these tiny little kitties.


Krewella has two cats, Captain Doom and White Boy. The feline brothers initially belonged to Kris "Rain Man" Trindl, but were eventually adopted by the Yousaf sisters. According to Insomniac.com, Captain Doom apparently has a tendency to munch on earwax and attempts to hump White Boy. Hey, cats DGAFOS what you think, and Captain Doom is no different.

Reid Speed

Becky, Oscar, and Moquet are the cat trio of Reid Speed. The three rescues are flaunted all over Reid Speed’s Instagram along with a number of other silly cat pictures that explicitly reflect the producers full appreciation for these animals.

Dillon Francis

The EDM’s mega troll and moombahton master, Dillon Francis, owns a furry little fellow named Mittens Francis. Mittens’ twitter, @MITTENSFRANCIS, has a following of over 5,000 people, and features hilarious streams of retweets with themes ranging from mentions of ball sacks, to "fuck homework," to "poppin molly" to "#butthole." What else would you expect from Dillon Francis’ cat?

Let’s not forget about Francis’ ridiculous collaboration with Flux Pavilion in producing "I’m the One" either.

Or his collaboration with Kill the Noise as Meowski666:

AC Slater

According to his Instagram of 320 followers, CrackersAC Slater’s cat, is “Just a yung kitty trying to make it in LA. Started from the bottom now [he’s] here!” @yungcrackers chronicles the black and white fluffball’s antics in addition to hosting countless pictures of the feline doing #realkittyshit.

Treasure Fingers

Bird Man and Skoochee Mane are two Bombay cats that make up the Bombay Catnip Club. These kitties look pretty badass, and flaunt it ever so casually on their Instagram, @bombaycatnipclub.


Honorable Mention:

Cashmere Cat


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