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EDM.com Spotlight

New Crosswalk Signal Encourages Dancing While You Wait

Crosswalk signals are meant to keep people out of harm's way, but they are often disobeyed. It seems like many pedestrians are always in a hurry, and they simply don't want to wait around at a crosswalk. This often leads to people illegally crossing despite the stationary red man clearly being illuminated on the traffic light. Not following the rules of the road can result in pedestrians being injured by cars. To help fight this problem, Daimler AG, maker of Mercedes Benz and Smart cars, recently tested out dancing crosswalk signals in Lisbon, Portugal. A promotional video for the dancing crosswalk signal states, "No one likes to wait. But what if we made waiting more entertaining?"

Daimler AG spokeswoman Charlotte Siegel told the LA Times, "These traffic lights were connected to a dancing booth where people could choose from five songs and slip into the role of the red man as soon as the light switched from green to red. Movements were captured via Kinect technology and brought to the traffic light in real-time with the help of a tailor-made software."

Watch the dancing crosswalk signal in action below!

[H/T: LA Times]

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