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3LAU Releases Dance Floor Filth 4 To Donate To Charity

23-year-old DJ/producer 3LAU has made a name for himself thanks to his creative and innovative vocal mash-ups and his high-energy house bootlegs. In the last year, the creative producer has also put his multi-faceted skills to use through philanthropy and charitable organizations.

At the beginning of 2013, 3LAU paired with the charity Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing education and building schools in developing countries. He donated the proceeds of his remix of James Egbert’s track “Back to New” to Pencils of Promise, generating a grand total of $25,000 to help build a school in Guatemala. The video below shows the impact that 3LAU contribution had for Pencils of Promise, and you can even see the finished school for yourself!

Since then, 3LAU has absolutely blown up both as a producer and on live dj on the festival circuit. His debut single “How You Love Me” featuring Bright Lights premiered in June of 2014 and he has played at festivals all over the world. In the midst of all of his hits and success, 3LAU has decided to take it back to his roots with the release of his fourth compilation album Dance Floor Filth 4. This album showcases 3LAU’s talent at fusing vocal tracks with strong, beautiful melodies as he takes on bootlegging artists like Calvin Harris, ZHU, Martin Garrix, and even rock band Incubus.

Dance Floor Filth 4 is yet another charitable project by 3LAU, as he works to build a second school with Pencils of Promise. How can you help? Well according to 3LAU, all you need to do is download the album and share it with as many people as you can, as he himself will donate $1 for each person that downloads Dance Floor Filth 4! As of now, over $8,000 has been raised of 3LAU’s $10,000 goal. Not only can you help by just downloading the amazing compilation album, but you can also check out 3LAU’s donation page for Pencils of Promise here.

Check out 3LAU's mashups "Deep Faded" and his huge TomorrowWorld edit of Paris & Simo's "Zombie" off of 3LAU’s Dance Floor Filth 4 below!

Purchase Dance Floor Filth 4!

1. 3LAU - Backsmash (3LAU Mashup)
2. 3LAU - Five Voices (3LAU Mashup)
3. 3LAU - Deep Faded (3LAU Mashup)
4. 3LAU - Maps & Habits (3LAU Mashup)
5. 3LAU - Don’t Forget (3LAU Edit)
6. 3LAU - How You Love Hindsight (Audien Edit)
7. 3LAU - Mineral Drive (3LAU Edit)
8. Paris & Simo - Zombie (3LAU TomorroWorld Edit)