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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Artists Fight ALS With Charity Compilation 'Beat ALS'

Thanks to the incredible work initiated by the family and friends of Pete Frates, the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" has raised over 115 million dollars since July of 2014. The awareness provided by the social media phenomenon has created a huge impact on the world's fight for a cure, and tomorrow the battle will receive yet another boost thanks to EDM.

Gravitas Recordings has paired with Every90Minutes, an organization dedicated to funding ALS research, to release a charity compilation called Beat ALS. Featuring a collection of tracks by world-renowned EDM artists such as BassnectarTritonalRichie Hawtin, BT, and more, this 16-track album will serve as the first of many compilations intended to help end this incredibly debilitating and fatal disease.

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Every90Minutes was created by Jay Smith, the founder of the music tech/equipment company Livid Instruments. After being diagnosed with the disease earlier this year, his courage and commitment to funding the best research and treatment projects available has become a shining light in the communities of those affected by ALS. Thanks to the amazing bridging qualities of EDM, we hope that you all will support this amazing cause and donate to Every90Minutes in the name of ALS research and EDM.

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