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5 Reasons To Be Excited About Nightmare Festival

Celebrate the 5th annual Nightmare Festival this Halloween!

Prepare for a wicked Halloween experience like no other. From Friday, October 31st to Sunday, November 2nd, Nightmare Festival in Baltimore, Maryland will redefine this haunting festival experience via top-tier DJ performance acts, all-inclusive entertainment, and extraordinary production. Nightmare 2014 features over 30 artists spanning over three Halloween-inspired stages for a full weekend of absolute terror. Above all else, there are 5 major reasons as to why you should incorporate Nightmare Festival into your Halloween plans.

1) Figure Presents Terrorvision

Josh Gard, the man behind heavy bass producer Figure, plans to bring his Terrorvision Tour to this year’s Nightmare Festival. Figure makes the perfect addition to a Halloween themed festival, as the artist is known for his fascination in horror-themed effects; not only has he established his own record label DOOM specifically for horror-related material that he’s produced, but he has also created his own Monsters of Drumstep series that has served as a soundtrack for nightmarish festivities for years. Figure is also praised upon his immense production skills, which deems him as the ultimate headliner for an immersive experience such as this. Figure’s forthcoming Monsters Volume 5 via DOOM Records constitutes exactly what a Nightmare attendee will experience. You can stream his latest volume below.

2) Camping Grounds

For those of you who have yet to experience a camping festival, stop right here. Festivals that offer the option to camp, versus a festival where one would book a hotel, always delivers a next level experience. First of all, re-entry is amazing; how many times have you found yourself inside festival grounds and realize you forgot something back in the room? Camp Ramblewood is home to this year’s Nightmare Festival and makes a prime venue for such an experience. There’s always something about raving in the middle of the woods that enhances the entire experience substantially. Nightmare Festival is also implementing the “Leave-No-Trace” policy, which states that all attendees should strive to keep the campgrounds as they were before the festival.

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3) Nightmare's Haunted Exhibits

One aspect that distinguishes Nightmare Festival apart from other Halloween fests is the frightening haunted walk in between stages. In order to switch stages, all attendees must walk through an elaborate and terrifying haunted walk that will give goose bumps to all who wander through. The haunted walk features the Night Circus, Garden of Wonders, Path of Lost Souls, and Voodoo Lake. Discretion is advised when making your way through this immersive haunting experience, as Nightmare 2014 strives to create a world of its own.

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4) Chillout Zone

Many festivals nowadays have incorporated a chill out zone to give attendees a place to recharge and enjoy the festival to the fullest extent. Nightmare Festival features their own take on a chill out zone. Officially designated near the final stage, Nightmare’s chill out zone is described as a pillow fort accompanied by full-out psychedelic decorations. If you need to set aside some time to relax and take a break from all of the ghosts and ghouls, the chill out zone is the place to be.

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5) Diverse Line-Up

Undoubtedly the main focus of any festival, Nightmare's line up truly ties together the entire experience. Nightmare Festival enlisted an assortment of artists for their jam packed line up, starring DJ/producers including Figure, BT, Terravita, Darren Styles, Super 8 & Tab, and Liquid Stranger. Nightmare’s line up features genres ranging from emotional trance to hard-hitting trap, ultimately suiting the musical likings of any attendee. Over 20 DJ/producers are set to take over three stages at this year’s Nightmare Festival. Nightmare handpicked various artists from all corners of the industry, delivering a diversified and haunting happening of its own.

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