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EDM.com Spotlight

New Platform Might Help Producers Earn Millions In Performance Royalties

Kuvo Is The New Clubbing Connection

Pioneer announced the release of a new app/software platform, Kuvo, that allows DJs to publish their set tracklist in real-time to a worldwide audience. At its core, Kuvo collects data from tracks played during a set in a club and uploads them to a cloud system, where real-time information is broadcast and viewable through the Kuvo app or website.  

According to Complete Music Update, "The Association For Electronic Music has launched a campaign to highlight the £100 million in performance royalties it reckons dance music makers are missing out on globally each year, through incomplete or missing data." Kuvo can be a way for producers to start claiming the money they're currently missing out on.

The web service, endorsed by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler, resolves the issue of being an audience member who can’t identity the track that is being played. Aiming to bring metadata to the masses, the interaction that is created brings club DJ booths online, and allows the crowd to connect with the performer. The innovative system is simply connected to the decks at the DJ booth and instantly detects the venue location and track being played from the speakers.

Some of the Kuvo app features include lists of top trending tracks and DJs from around the world, with the ability to view, like and buy a track directly from the app or website. Serving as a promotional tool for the music business, the app directly tracks what is happening in the marketplace. DJs can manage personal messages and information with every track, or selectively mark tracks as personal or public. This feature allows exclusive tracks to be protected. Additionally, the app allows the user to find nearby club venues using a club map.

Check out the introductory video for Kuvo below!

Cover Photo Credit: Pioneer 

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