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EDM.com Spotlight

Twitter Reveals New & Useful SoundCloud Integration

Twitter and SoundCloud have partnered up to bring you Audio Card.

Almost a year after Twitter shut down their music streaming app #Music, the social service has developed an innovative and simple way of discovering new music without hindering your Twitter experience. Yesterday, Twitter announced the new streaming service Audio Card; the app lets you minimize the song and continue scrolling through your timeline or you can view the song in full screen mode as it displays track information, artwork, and more.

What makes this app so revolutionary within the EDM sphere is that it generates an entirely new way to release exclusive audio content to millions of Twitter users. Smartphone apps such as SoundCloud are built for discovering new music, but when on the go, the SoundCloud app isn’t exactly the easiest way to stream and find new music. Audio Card intends to partner with various third party streaming services, however, SoundCloud marks the first partnership within the new app. SoundCloud has proved to be the music finding medium of our generation, and Twitter’s new app is the perfect addition to taking both platforms a step forward.

SoundCloud operates amongst a variety of partners ranging from musical artists to massive organizations including NASA, The White House, and NPR. The app will vastly improve the common Twitter users ability to stream podcasts as they can now stream right from their timeline, opening up endless possibilities for Audio Card.

EDM artists such as deadmau5Zeds Dead, and Madeon already work closely with SoundCloud when releasing new music. Now, all of our favorite electronic artists can release their new material in real-time, ultimately increasing accessibility to the highest degree.

In light of the release of Audio Card, major EDM DJ/producers have already utilized the app to stream their newest content. David Guetta was one of the first to do so, as he released an exclusive Robin Schulz remix of his latest single “Dangerous.”

Available to both iOS and Android devices, Twitter’s new Audio Card integration has potential to be the next major method in discovering and streaming online content. You can follow the Twitter Music account for updates about new accounts utilizing the music streaming service.

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