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Feed Me Reveals Spor Tracks Might Be On The Way

Jon Gooch has become a dance music star as Feed Me, but he initially became an internationally known producer under his Spor alias. As Spor, Gooch produced some of the industry's best drum & bass music. However, the project took a backseat once Gooch's Feed Me songs started blowing up. This has led to Spor fans ceaselessly asking Gooch when he planned to bring back the D&B project. Today, deadmau5 joined the chorus, as he asked Gooch about Spor on Twitter. Gooch's answer made D&B fans very happy.

Deadmau5 actually released almost all of Gooch's earlier Feed Me tracks on his label, mau5trap. This shows that deadmau5 is intimately familiar with Gooch's talents as a producer.

The return of Spor has been widely speculated since the end of last month. On September 29th, Gooch uploaded one video and one photo to his Feed Me Instagram account. The caption for the video said, "S is for..." The photo was of an old Spor interview in a print magazine. The uploads generated a lot of excitement among Spor fans.

With a Spor comeback seemingly on the horizon, prepare for any upcoming tracks by listening to "Ignition." It's one of Gooch's most famous tracks under his D&B alias. 

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