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EDM.com Spotlight

One Direction Pop Star Is Producing Future House Music Now

It's no secret that One Direction singer/songwriter Liam Payne has taken up music production as a hobby. Under the moniker "Big Payno" (or simply "Payno"), the pop star began releasing remixes of One Direction songs that ranged from predictably saccharine to unexpectedly groovy - but his most recent will likely ruffle some feathers in the EDM community.

Payne's remix of UK singer/songwriter Cheryl's pop anthem "I Don't Care" evokes much of the elements of future house tracks circulating through the undercurrents of the dance music scene. Featuring the rubbery synths and understated buildup-drop scheme characteristic of on-the-rise artists like Tchami and Oliver Heldens, the remix embraces the sophistication of the deep house movement in contemporary dance music in a way that doesn't come off as completely contrived.

Just a couple short months after Ultra Music Founder Patrick Moxey's endorsement of deep house as the newest "it" genre, Payne's exploration may serve as a further sign of what's to come - somewhat like Britney Speers' collaborations with Rusko on her 2011 album Femme Fatale did during the dubstep breakthrough. 

Listen to Payne's remix of Cheryl below.

Written by John Cameron


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