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Industry Spotlight: Lee Glaister, Phase Management

"This guy is the juggernaut captain of the basswave revolution."

Throughout all of the many facets of dance music today, from its labels to its festival organizers to its artists themselves, there have been an increasing number of individuals that have gone above and beyond their colleague's expectations to benefit our scene. Their relentless devotion towards building the scene both inside and out serves as a shining light for the rest of the industry to follow, and in many ways, these individuals have changed the face and future of EDM.

Dubstep has received a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks, with debates on its vivacity and its appreciation amongst EDM fans prevalent on a handful of social media platforms and blogs. Amongst all of the doubts that many have experienced, there is one individual that has served as a "Dark Knight" for many of the genre's most prominent djs and producers. Lee Glaister, founder of Phase Management, has served the heavy bass community with unrivaled integrity and determination, supporting an impeccable roster of artists including Downlink, Trollphace, Twofold, Dr. Ozi, Pyramid Scheme, River Accorsi, and Alex Sin to name a few. His impact and influence on these artists' careers as well as the scene as a whole have undoubtedly shed a new light on the heavier side of EDM. His actions have not gone unnoticed, as there are a handful of individuals within the industry that can appreciate the immense passion and dedication that Lee has provided to our culture.

We spoke with Ashley Stahl, Lee's right-hand girl at Phase Management, and a number of Phase Management artists to understand what they have appreciated most about Lee's hard work and support of their careers. From our short conversations with each of them, it's safe to say that there is very little that the recently-turned 24-year-old hasn't done for these talented individuals. According to the dynamic duo Dr. Ozi, "We met Lee out of nowhere about 6 months ago. He was really passionate about helping us grow and making a tight group of people that would all work together to help each other out under Phase. Since then, he has grown into the busiest person alive. We are so proud of the guy and can't wait to see what is in store for him and the rest of the crew in the future. We love you man."

Pyramid Scheme, another up-and-coming producer duo under Phase Management, has found Lee to be more than just a manager. "Since before my partner Adam LaRossa and I formed Pyramid Scheme, Lee Glaister has acted both as an advisor and a friend to us. Lee would go as far as sending our music to blogs, labels, and other respected artists on our behalf, far before we even joined Phase. After he heard our track "Microphones" he asked us to join Phase, and it is really exciting to us that the song that officially started our partnership is also being released on his birthday. Lee, you have been awesome and I know 2015 will be a huge year for you!

On-the-rise acts River AccorsiTwofold, and Alex Sin have been incredibly influenced by Lee's help and determination in building their careers. River states, "Lee absolutely has his finger on the pulse of the most powerful and influential upcoming and established artists alike. This guy is the juggernaut captain of the basswave revolution." In a similar vein, Twofold notes "When Lee first came to us in january 2014, we had no idea what lay ahead. At the time, we didn't even know if he was genuine as it all came out of the blue. As it transpires, he's been fantastic with us, and also is an awesome dude on top of that." Unsurprisingly, Alex Sin is incredibly grateful for Lee's support: "Lee pulled me out of a very shitty situation and has given me some great opportunities. Same can be said for the rest of Phase. I honestly couldn't be happier with the artists and staff he ahs picked. Dude deserves everything that is coming."

Probably the most notable artist to experience the amazing qualities behind Lee's leadership and intelligence is dubstep powerhouse Trollphace, who had quite a story to tell about how he met Lee. "It's hard to sum up into a short paragraph the amount of hard work and perseverance that Lee puts forth to provide his artists with an immense platform to do what they do best and what they love above everything else. Without Lee, most of us wouldn't be where we are at, and wouldn't be traveling the world working with some of the most influential artists we all look up to. A lot of people ask me what my experience from Ultra this pas year was really like, and to be honest I wouldn't be able to say that it was as amazing as it truly was if it wasn't for Lee facilitating a place for me to stay out of his own pocket, without even barely knowing me. He stayed up with me for 4-5 days straight completely off of adrenaline and hard work, making all the connects we did and all the moves we made together. Lee is more than a manager to me, he's my brother. He was the first person there making sure I was mentally prepared for what I've done this year and stands by my side no matter what stupid shit comes flying out of my mouth. And while all he does is answer my texts with "nah" or "oh true," he's still the best."

It is incredibly important for our scene to highlight and congratulate those who benefit and support those around them. The strength and longevity of our culture is entirely dependant on the actions and attitudes of those involved, and as a manager, advisor, and friend, Lee Glaister is a shining example of a model member in our growing family. Having just turned 24, each member of the Phase Management family and EDM.com family wish the best for Lee as he starts this new chapter in his life. With 2015 just around the corner, we can expect that he will continue to push the scene forward and serve as a role model for other managers, label-heads, artists, and industry professionals throughout EDM.

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