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Tomorrowland Might Be Coming To India

At the start of September, we reported that Tomorrowland was considering expanding to India. After a month-and-a-half of speculation, it appears that India is now one step closer to receiving its very own version of Tomorrowland. 

The Goa Tourism Manager, Dilip Parulekar, said, "Apart from the proposal received from Percept & Supersonic (Vh1 India) to host music festivals in the month of December, we have also received a proposal of one of the most notable global music festival group, “Tomorrowland""

According to EDMofy, "He [Parulekar] also shared that the event organisers have approached the government & have shown interest to host the event in Mid-January which itself is a strong indication that Tomorrowland Goa 2015 could be a reality soon! Adding to this he said that the responsibility for land identification will have to be borne by the group since they need 3.5 Lakh sq mts land to host the biggest music festival India has ever seen.

However, it doesn't make sense for the event to take place in January 2015. That would give organizers just three months to set everything up and sell tickets. Tomorrowland India looks to be a very real possibility, but we'd imagine it would take place much later than January 2015--maybe even in January 2016.

If you have any doubt about India's love for dance music, watch deadmau5 profess his love for the Indian dance music community below.

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