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EDM.com Spotlight

Aussie Changing The Game Of Tropical House

This fresh take on electronic music is bound to intrigue those otherwise averse to the established big room, ear-grating sounds that stereotype EDM, while also perking the interest of those already immersed within the culture. Jack’s commitment to generating warm, organic sounds makes his work easily stand out from much of the bass-laden mainstream electro that has saturated the scene as of late.

It’s only a matter of time before Tropical House becomes a conventional part of EDM vernacular. Jack has become so synonymous with Tropical House that he made the decision to get an international trademark on "Tropical House." With this in mind, we can count on Jack to continuously push the Tropical House sound forward and help it gain the popularity it deserves.

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Thomas Jack is making waves.

Tropical House is currently on the rise, and 21 year-old Aussie Thomas Jack has quickly become a frontman for the movement. Jack’s ability to produce feel-good, vocal-infused tracks makes his sounds widely palatable to all types of audiences. This has led to Jack being one of the most recognizable figures in Tropical House.

His newest track, a remix of MYNGA’s “Back Home,” truly highlights the unique characteristics that establish Tropical House as one of a kind. Guitar and saxophone riffs are blended tastefully to produce a light, elevating soundscape. While your ears internalize the beats, the rest of your senses yearn to be next to the beach with a pina colada on deck.