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8 Incredible Fan-Made Covers Of EDM Songs

When a musician transforms an electronic song into an acoustic piece, the raw emotions and talent that originally inspired the music get the opportunity to shine through. Most producers start the creative process with a guitar or piano melody, and then build from that to create a live, performance-ready track. This elemental aspect of electronic music is often overlooked and forgotten behind the finished project, but if you’re continuously paying for your electronically-fueled weekend antics, there is nothing better than a softened version of your favorite EDM track to help you relax and recover.

We sorted through an abundance of incredible, fan-made acoustic covers of EDM tracks and selected ten that are just too good to not share. This is what happens when EDM gets unplugged.

Calvin Harris - "Blame" (Runaground cover)

Calvin Harris' chart-topping hit "Blame" takes a different form in this acoustic rendition, showing a more heartfelt side to the song without taking away from its greatness. With covers like these shining light on a different side to dance music, it’s hard to imagine any other genre being able to compete with EDM’s ever-increasing dominance.

Mr. Probz - "Waves" (Conor Maynard)

"Waves" undoubtedly stands as a great song in its own right, but this powerful re-interpretation brings another level of pleasure to this incredible track. Conor Maynard highlights the songs moving lyrics with his emotionally-driven vocals, and demonstrates the strength of its message without the use of synths and drums.

Porter Robinson - "Language" (Evan Duffy Piano Cover)

When you hear your favorite song being dropped at an electronic music event, you’re probably not thinking about the music theory and practice that went into creating it. Songs like "Language" can be classified as the "classical" music of the modern day era, and this incredible Piano cover will show you why.

Disclosure - "Latch" feat. Sam Smith (Anthony Flammia Cover)

Originally featuring the amazing vocals of Sam Smith, Disclosure's "Latch" got a beatbox-influenced cover by Anthony Flammia, who utilizes both his beatboxing abilities and singing talent to bring an unprecedented approach to this already soothing classic.

Flume - "Holdin' On" (Lakyn Cover)

Removing the beat can lead to some incredible music, such as what happened below with the acoustic version of Flume's "Holdin' On." Many popular EDM artists have perfected the art of creating powerful, uplifting beats and jarring drops, and Holdin' On has certainly proved its worth in both versions of the song. 

Dash Berlin - "Waiting" (Chloe Cover)

Dash Berlin is known for his ability to draw in crowds with emotional lyrics and captivating melodies. His instantly-recognizable songs can be heard at EDM festivals everywhere. This rendition of “Waiting” strips away the upbeat trance undertones of the original, drawing all attention to the lyrics and vocal-work.

Kaskade - "Atmosphere" (Chantelle Cover)

Every so often in life, the stars align for a song that defies the norm and perfectly attunes to a particular moment in time. Chantelle's version of Atmosphere not only reinstates the song's incredible ambiance, but drives the beautiful message it portays straight to your heart.

Zedd - "Clarity" (Sophia Lysbeth Brown Cover)

Sophia Lysbeth Brown's expansive vocal range accentuated the original on top of the soft acoustics in the background. This acoustic version sheds light on the intricacy and raw talent that inspires the music we know and love today.

Written by Lauren Mikkor

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