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Skrillex Remixes Gorgon City's 'Imagination'

Gorgon City has been one of the hottest duos in all of dance music this year. Their new album, Sirens, is being touted as one of the best dance music albums of the year. The album has gotten so big that Skrillex made the decision to remix "Imagination," which is originally a deep house track with catchy vocals and a low bassline. 

Skrillex debuted the remix at his Lincoln, Nebraska show on Thursday, October 16th. According to the YouTube description, he finished the remix right before his set. However, we've heard that he might have played it the previous night during a show in Boulder, Colorado. Skrillex was able to turn the groovy "Imagination" into a high-energy banger. Check it out below.

Listen to the original version of the track below to get an idea of the changes Skrillex made. 


[H/T: Run The Trap]

Cover photo credit: Rukes

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