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Diplo's Intense New Music Video Shows How Destructive Drugs Can Be

"Techno" by Diplo, Yellow Claw, LNY TNZ, and Waka Flocka is the exact opposite of real techno. The song title might be tongue-in-cheek, as it features elements of trap and hardstyle. "Techno" recently received its own music video, and it will further confuse the casual music fans who call all electronic music "techno." Luckily, the "Techno" video features a strong narrative from start to finish, which is a difficult feat to accomplish in 3.5 minutes.

This video is the equivalent of an anti-drug PSA, but we won't ruin the story for you. Watch the video for yourself and find out why this clip might make people think twice about blindly doing drugs.

Cover photo credit: World Red Eye

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